Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring Fling Thing: Part 2 (it's a stripe hype!)

Yes, my lovies, more of what I want. I was very surprised by this new spring trend I've noticed, mostly because I really don't recall seeing it on the runways. However, it's definitely infiltrated all of fashion-America. At first, I was not OK. I recall a few years ago the nautical-trend was in full force, and while cute, just a little too "costumey" for my liking. However, this year's "nautical" is slightly more toned-down and appropriate. It's come to us in the form of stripes.

Horizontal stripes. And they're everywhere.

(cries of horror heard throughout the blogosphere.)

No, I don't dislike stripes. But I know a million others detest the horizontal highlights across one's (INSERT HATED BODY PART HERE). Sure, I guess stripes can be unflattering, but they can also be super cute. Like under a blazer-- this way, the pattern isn't all-encompassing and is relegated to a little snippet of sight. But for those of you who are ready and willing to try the stripe trend, here are my picksies. Yay.


Ahh, yes, the look that started it all. A simple tee to pair under a number of things (cardis, blazers, lightweight jackets, etc). This one ($28) is affordable, and let's be honest-- there is NO need to spend a fortune on a striped cotton shirt. Right? right.


Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs are doing it. I love this look, and here F21 has a fantastic look for less... which I almost bought today, and am now a little angry I decided against it. Drats.


A lot of the stripe patterns spice it up with differing line thicknesses and striped patterns (woah, a little crazy, I know.). Just another way of adding some oomph to a basic print, I guess! But I do quite like it.

Free People Lacey Stripes top, $88


This is a huge category, obvi, and there are a million kinds of "striped dresses" one can do. You can try the twofer ensemble dress for just a tad bit of stripe, go all out with the full-on stripe, or mix the stripe with a pattern to be more avant garde (yes, see a few notes above). To be honest, I don't think there is a "right" or "wrong" way to do this-- either off the charts colorful or a bit more toned down, I'm just an all-around fan.

French Connection's "Wimbledon Knits Rainbow" Striped Tube dress (like Herve Leger's original)

Anthro's Slate Stripes shift (so pretty in person!!)

And I definitely did end my shopping hiatus today with F21's new arrivals. I bought my own striped dress, which I'll feature on the blog when it arrives. Also planning on buying this one (in grey/pink) when it hits my Highland Park store on 2/15 (yes, I know the date of it's arrival, shuddup). Anyone else have their fave stripey picks? Or staying away from this one all together?


  1. amber's notebookFebruary 9, 2010 at 2:15 PM

    WOw I LOVE that free people top!

  2. I also love that Anthro top! So lovely and light. I picked up a basic striped long-sleeve tee at F21. It definitely does the job! I also saw some cute stripey options at AT Loft...

  3. I love the rainbow striped tube dress!

  4. i just did a post on stripes too! tis the season! i love, love, love striped shirts! you can't have enough! great blog, will definitely follow along!


  5. Yay! Glad I have a stripey confederate. Thanks for the love!

  6. I love that free people top and anthro dress!