Saturday, February 27, 2010

Etsy Designer Spotlight: Talulabelles

I haven't forgotten about this running feature! I've just been bad about it. :)

And real quick before the post ensues: thanks for the responses yesterday! I'm actually a little shocked that most of you feel you couldn't pull off the look for one reason or another... especially because Oprah herself has deemed it an "easy look" to wear. Hmmm... Shows us how much she knows, huh? :)  I hope a few of you try it at least once, 'cuz lemme tell ya-- it's like wearing pajamas without having to wear the Pajama Jeans. And I swear, if I catch any of you wearing those, I'll be forced to bring out my styling AND psychology skillz on yas.

On to more interesting things: Etsy is known for the myriad of jewelry designers who make spectacular baubles, and Talulabelles is no exception. She hails from the UK, but don't fret, US buyers-- shipping is always free. And that's impressive for a small business! She uses a mixture of new and repourposed materials to make stunning pieces. Let's take a gander, shall we?

Chrysanthe Lace Applique necklace, $54

Baileys Over Ice earrings, $26

Olivia Corsage Necklace, $115

Hedgerow Fairies bracelet, $74

Chrysalis Butterfly earrings, $26

My fave has to be the lace applique necklace in the first picture-- the gold gets me every time. Gimme gimme. Check out her other stuff, too.... it's all worth a look!


  1. I love the Baileys Over Ice earrings. So pretty.

  2. That first necklace is the definition of creativity. It looks like art! And not badly priced either. First glance, I thought it was in the triple digits for sure!

  3. love the jewlery!
    and your outfit in the post below