Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OOTD: 80's Revival. Righteous.

Every morning, I walk into my closet and see my pretty Rodarte for Target dress and think about how little I wear it and how it shall never, ever EVER see my office. It just sits there... all sad and lonely. And it wants to be casual-ed down, yes it does. So I pulled out my new denim jacket, lace up shoeties and socks and realized...


This is 80's at its finest. Or, if you hated the 80's, its worst. (I happen to love it and think this it's fun, but definitely not a safe outfit!)
 Dress: Rodarte for Target leopard print dress (pretty alternative!)
Jacket: F21 Dean Denim Jacket
Belt: F21 bow belt
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell lace up shoeties (kinda like these, but also kinda not. Hm.)
Socks: ?

A little less acid washed:

Jacket: F21 peplum jacket
Necklace: possibly F21... I really need to stop shopping there, huh?


  1. yay!! wear the rodarte dress!! wear it! if you love it, you should wear it! and it looks great on you.

    i'm currently shopping for a casual leopard print dress. love the look!!

  2. Totally rocking the Rodarte dress. It's so cute.
    I was at F21 tonight and I got the cutest military sweater, I think it will go great with dresses.

  3. Love it! You need to take that dress out on the town, buy her some drinks and make the other dresses jealous!

  4. I LOVE your first outfit!! I think your legs are as long as I am tall!

  5. Thanks!! I have way too much leopard, but I always seem to have room for just one more piece. haha...

  6. oh nice! They really have some cute stuff right now.

  7. haha... it totally would, wouldn't it?!

  8. thanks, lady! If only that were true. :)

  9. amber's notebookFebruary 25, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    CUTE!!! But you are covering up my favorite part the bows =)

  10. dangggggg gurllll thats sexayyy...idk if i like the sock though?