Monday, February 1, 2010

OOTD: I got the blues

I know. SO not creative. But I kinda do! It was such a nice weekend, and although I have Monday off, it never seems good enough, ya know? Always jonesin' for a little more weekend. Sigh.

A simple OOTD today, lovies. Just a mix of blue and black (which is SO ok, despite what I was told as a child), and some sparkle to give it that oomph of glimmer.
Shirt: BCBG teal silk blouse (this one is adorable)
Skirt: F21 ribbon and pleats skirt (here)
Shoes: Steve Madden cracked metallic bow pumps
Necklace: ModCloth "chain mail" necklace (sold out)
Bracelet: A.V. Max, and still sporting my hair elastic

As I said, this is quite simple. But sometimes it's the simple ones that are most elegant and fun to wear. I bought this skirt in the larger size, as per usual, so it wouldn't be up-my-butt short, but doing so makes it a hip-skirt instead of a waist one. I love waist skirts because of my shape-- i.e. NO WAIST TO SPEAK OF. But every once in a while, the lower slung skirt look is fun and (oddly) hard to find in stores. I actually got the general idea for this outfit on's website (the banner at the top of the "skirts" section) where they featured this super-cute denim skirt and button up shirt together. Normally, that is not my style at all, but for some reason it just looked damned adorable and I wanted to try it. (I'm actually thinking about getting the actual denim one, too, but I think I need to sleep on that one a bit more). Funny where inspiration hits.


  1. That aqua is gorgeous on you! Love it all :)

  2. very cute!! love the mix of everything!

  3. love the outfit!

  4. The blue top is so pretty, the color is fabulous on you. And alloy can surprise you once in a while. I got the best tunic dress with ruffles last summer and it was only like $15 and it is my favorite.

  5. Very cute. I might have to take a trip to Forever 21 tomorrow because of your inspiration. I need a good shopping trip...