Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring Fling Things, Part 1

Although I'm still having trouble with buying committment (when will it end?!), I'm finding a bunch of stuff that I'm excited about. Of course, it's all spring stuff, which is tough because I'm realizing that spring is still far away and this cold, dreary weather will be here to stay for at least another month. But a girl can dream, and she sure is...

So I've been wearing a lot of my eShakti jacket because of it's warmth factor and it's rather neutral-yet-sparkly pallatte. I decided to check out the site again today to see what they're doing for Spring, and I was very, very pleased. The site looks like it's getting better, and they even have some featured "collections" which are very cute. Here are my picks, which are all extremely reasonably priced and super on-trend for the season! (p.s. I had a hard time narrowing these down, so get ready for an onslaught of photos!)

Lurex Jacket: ($69) So friggin cute, this better end my shopping hiatus because I'm not sure what else will.
I love the colors on this Poplin stretch dress; ($49)almost nautical, but definitely very spring-day-of-shopping worthy.

I love the Ruffled jersey top with gold belt ($39.95); it reminds me of an Anthro piece!

The floral applique knit tank ($39.95)is precious and the detailing looks very rich.

This Layered Panels jersey tank dress ($49.95) will be perfect for my Vegas trip coming up-- hot hot hot!

The color of the Silk panels tunic ($49.95) is perfect for this Spring and was definitely all over the runways.

This Floral Rosette trim tank ($29) is so sweet! and get a load of it's pin below...
If you're just interested in the pin from the top above, ($12.95) they sell it separately and it's adorable, right?

And if that one's not for you, this one is insanely pretty ($12.95) and I must have thanks.

Again, I can't speak to their standard sizing and I've heard some folks say the shirts/tunics have run a little long. However, I'm sure the nice folks over there would easily tell you the measurements of the standard sizes of the particular items so you can know ahead of time. And the custom feature comes with a fee, of which I'm not sure the amount. All I can say is I love my eShakti jacket and can't wait to order some more pieces this coming season. Let's see how my committment phobia holds up to these eye candies...


  1. I LOVE the poplin stretch dress and the ruffled jersey top. Too cute!

  2. Buy Poplin It will look smashing on you.

  3. Thank you for sharing this website!! I love EVERYTHING!! :D