Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring trend challenge: the Fatigue

As I was perusing old Spring '10 runway shows and flipping through Bazaar mag (which, by the way, you should get this month if you haven't already, because it gives some GREAT inspiration aritcles and pics for the spring!), I was struck by one trend that I'm wary about: The Fatigue.

It seems strange, really, to see fatigue style amidst the pretty neutrals, pastels, laces, silks and ethereal fashion I've been most excited about. And it's definitely different than the military looks we saw in the fall, because this is almost more literal. And it's definitely going beyond a little jacket with brass buttons... it's full on surplice trenches. Oy. I'm no army chick, that's for sure. Dreams of spring do not call to mind cargo pockets, olive green or wrinkled cotton.

But then again, what's the best way to tone down such light and pretty pieces? I mean, we're not trying to be ballerinas around here.

(Right? We're not? Yeah, no... never. Ahem.)

So the fatigue is, I suppose, a fun and edgy way to mix in the unexpected. So my challenge was to find pieces that I think I would wear (and hopefully you'll like too, especially if you're also a bit on the fence). Here are my Fatigue-inspired picks:

Diane von Furstenburg shorts, $225
Maybe cheating here, since it's silken and boudoir-esque, but the cuffed buttoned up sides are very cargo-reminiscent.

F21 Strapless cargo dress, $22.80 
This is cute! I can see it on a relaxing summer day with a cold margarita in hand. Nice.

F21 Leatherette bag, $29.80
A good way to infuse this style in a wardrobe is to do it subtly-- a slouchy pocketed hobo is great.

J Brand skinny cargo pants, $230
I just love these! So cute.

Juicy Couture peplum backed jacket, $198
(Juicy got surprisingly military for the Spring, so there are a lot of selections here!)

L.A.M.B. skirt, $191
Another nice way to cheat the fatigue style: still very femme, but reminiscent of the surplice look.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Twill Dress, $248
This is literal, yet still feminine. I likey!

Nanette Lepore Burning Heart Dress, $268
This just looks damn comfortable. And versatile... imagine with a cute striped cardi and flats. 

Splendid fleece jacket, $148
Maybe best for cooler springs given the material, but it's another literal-yet-feminine take. 

SO many choices out there, my lovies, and so many ways to try the trend. The great thing about this spring's style is that almost anything goes. Just as long as you do it with proportion and smart pieces.


  1. The Coastal ChicsterFebruary 16, 2010 at 6:25 PM

    I like this trend! So, my favorite pair of spring/summer pants EVER just happen to be cargo pants...that I've tucked away in the back of my closet for the last few years, since cargo pants haven't been very trendy lately. They're cropped, and ivory with tan stitching...I think they're Joie. I love them, and I can't wait to bring them back out to the front lines this season. :)

  2. Oh yay! Sounds like you're much better prepared than I am. They sound pretty-- youll have to post them on your blog :)

  3. I'm loving this J! my favs are the L.A.M.B skirt and the Marc Jacobs Twill Dress... on the hunt for a knockoff! :)