Monday, February 22, 2010


What better way to deal with indecision and stress than to SHOP SHOPPITY SHOPEROO?


I'm thinking about ordering this, but do I need another lacey item? It's sorta like my F21 lace skirt... hmm...

And I tried this on in store and love love LOVED it. Soooo cute. But they didn't have my size...
I did manage to get a F21 striped skirt (similar to this skirt but in grey and white with thinner stripes, and a bit longer), and a light denim jacket (which I've been eyeing to pair with more feminine outfits). Now I just need some spring-ey tops to pair with my fun new skirts...

And I've been eyeing Mink Pink lately-- anyone tried them? I love this dress, even though I have no freekin' clue where I'd wear it. Hmm. Shopping makes a Justine happy. And less headachey. Yep.  :)

OH. Also. Had to share this: I called the F21 today to find out about my hotly desired Silk Bow Dress, which I was told was in shipment and on it's way to the store for invoice this week. And come to find out, they're NOT getting the dress. (wtf, sales associate? Do you know how upset you've made me?! and yes the world DOES revolve around me! Duh!!) So this morning, it was sold out in small online and I was stuck in the same situation as last week and wanted to kick myself in the butt for not just jumping on it when I could. Almost as if it were meant to be, I checked the site again tonight for shits and giggles, and guess what lovies? There it was, in a small, in pink, staring at me in the face. So I wasted NOTIME and clicked purchase, along with this and this. Hey F21, you're like crack. Stop it. Or keep it up, I dunno, but I need more restraint. NO more F21 for me for a while; I need to be buying slightly higher quality from now on. End of story.


  1. amber's notebookFebruary 22, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    omg I LOVE zip up!!!!!

  2. LOL!! I work at F21 so i totally know what you mean! all my paycheck practically goes back to them...they should just pay me in clothing. i'm always shopping, everyone makes fun of me cuz they know when something comes in i'll get it :)

  3. haha, does it make it worse that I don't work for them and this is how I am? :)

  4. yeah its even cuter in person, you would totes rock it. :)