Thursday, February 18, 2010

Justine's take on Stripe Hype!

I was rather excited to see a F21 package sitting on my doorstep yesterday evening! For any of you who follow my Twitter feed, you'll know how fah-reeekin annoyed I was with UPS the past two days. Needless to say, this package shoulda gotten here LAST WEEK and it just came today. Argh. But it's here, and I'm happy. Yay!

One of the items I purchased was part of an effort to amass some striped items for the spring. I had this fabulous idea of a striped dress that could also work cinched up as a tunic. I found the perrrrrfect item to fulfill this wish.

(Warning: lots of leg photos coming up! Yipes short dress!)

Okokokok.... I'll put some clothes on, sheesh.  :)


Tunic dress/top: F21 striped tunic (other colors here)
Belt: F21 bow belt 
Hat: Nordstrom 2009
Shoes: Chinese Laundry (1st pic); Steve Madden (2nd pic)
Necklace: F21 gold chain link oldie

Perfect for Vegas, no?? :)  I feel a little "Lauren Conrad" in the second set of pics. And a little Amber-inspired in the first... maybe it's the use of the hat. Who knows. For review purposes, I had to order this top/dress in a size Med, since the smalls were sold out (and now all sizes in this color are sold out). So it fits a little loosely in my waist, but definitely fits well in the... ahem... buttocks area. As you can tell. I'm almost happy I was forced to get a size up because I'm not sure I could make this a dress with any less material. I'm almost not sure I can make it a dress now! But like I said, for Vegas, definitely fine. Some of ya'll shorter ladies will do OK with this probably. 

And thanks for all the help with the elusive bow dress! Pammy has basically convinced me to buy the blue instead and stop fretting about the pink... but oh that pink....


  1. I can't believe that dress doubles so well. I love it. Vegas is my happy place. Can't wait for our trip in June.

  2. hey justine, great outfit! hope you have fun in vegas! :)

  3. Aw, Vegas. I've been digging around for a good Vegas dress myself.

    If you're worried about the length of the dress, it'd be super easy to layer a mini underneath- a really super-stretchy-jersey "bodycon" mini in the same color as the dark stripes, to give myself a few extra inches. American Apparel is great for those sorts of things- something like this, or even something like this, and voila! Instant dress that you can safely bend over in to pick something off the ground. Whew.

    And I freaking love the tunic with the skinny jeans. Perfect-o!

  4. Man, do I know how to link correctly or what. The computer dork inside of me is CRINGING SO HARD RIGHT NOW.

    The goofed-up link still works though, heh.

  5. Oh fun! and thanks for the compliment. :)

  6. I wish I had just half of your 'puter skillz. You need to show me how to create layouts. Sigh. But thanks for the idea! Now I have an excuse to buy a white bodycon mini. yay! :)

  7. amber's notebookFebruary 18, 2010 at 2:02 PM

    omg CUTE!! I love it! And aww thanks for the shout out! I have a super similar dress from urban that I cannot wait to rock. You may have mentioned this but when are you going to Vegas? I am going the end of March=) I do the cheating of the skirt like Chloe too. I use a little black mini to add length to short skirt.

  8. Were going at the end of April! Seems like everyone is headed that way this spring, yay! :)

  9. I love both looks and the hat looks adorbs with it. Love love love! Nice yams.