Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Fling: the Soft Pant.

So, Shopbop  recently featured a blog post on the "Easy Pant," or the "Soft Pant," which is essentially defined by a jodhpur-esque dropped crotch, lighter material and tapered leg. The look really taps into that laissez-faire styling that spring will be seeing this year. I have to admit, I've been quite intrigued by this look since last year when it started becoming popular but held off in suspicion that it wouldn't last long. Would ya look at that, here they are, back in full force for this spring. I'm excited, really, because no matter how "easy" Shopbop makes it seem, I feel they aren't as easy to pull off. A challenge! The blog recommends a loose fitted blouse with a jacket, or a simple tank. Hmmm. I think I have other styling ideas:

1. Keep the colors neutral. This is just a personal thing, really, and the reason I say so is because it is so quintessentially Spring 2010 that it just seems right to pair it with a soft, muted pallate.

2. Pair with a structured jacket. I tried lots of different looks here, lovies, and photographed them all to see what worked. To be honest, the tailored jacket worked best. The boyfriend jacket seemed way too unstructured and maybe even pajama-ey. So here's my example of how to pull it off:

 Jacket: Halogen (Nordstrom) ca. 2007
Top: Express embellished neckline top ca. 2006
Pants: Lulu's At Ease Trousers
Shoes: Steve Madden Tristanos
Necklace: Nordstrom (forget the designer's name but she is super cool...)

3. If you are to do a more loose fitted top, just make sure it doesn't look like you rolled out of bed. I tried to achieve this with the statement necklace, but it could be taken further with a great updo and some bold, fun makeup. I also liked that this cardigan had some depth to it with the fluttering ruffles, so maybe that helped keep it polished and not too loungey.

Sweater: LINE ruffle cardigan

4. Tailor them if they bunch. I haven't done this yet, but I think if the length were more at the ankle instead of bunched at the shoe, it would just look better. (That's on the to-do list.)

And if a jacket or cardigan is not in the books (i.e., when it's way too hot out there to wear more layers), I do think a pretty embellished tee or tank would work, just like was recommended on Shopbop's blog post.  Ground the look with some chunky platforms or wedges. I'll definitely be keeping these comfortable pants in the running through the warmer months and I can't wait.

What do ya'll think? Is this look easy to pull off, or is it on the "Black Diamond" level of fashion?

Note: uhhhh... Please ignore "Answer 5." Damn Polldaddy....


  1. As per usual, I love this uber-trend on you, but it's making me dance in my pants thinking I have to pee or something. All that crotch space! Eeek! I would just feel like my girly area would be so unprotected.

    But that's just me and my personal space warrior zone mentality. You look super cute, and actually, not even trendy. Like as though you've been wearing these along and we're all just catching up.

    Ensem #1 please. Thanks.

  2. I love it. You put this look together really well. And I thought Answer 5 was a funny way of saying none of the above ;)

  3. what size did you order in?

  4. Those pants look darling. Very trendy and you wear them well. no surprise there you see to always put together great looks!

  5. A small, and they're even a little big.
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  6. You look great, as usual! Seems like you can pull off any style. I do think those pants would be hard for me (or other petite girls) to rock though. Might be better left for you taller gals!

  7. Hi Justine, thanks for reading Shoptalk! Great styling here, what a show-stopping necklace!

  8. I love the harem (soft) pants on you! I've actually tried to pull it off myself and I just can't- it accentuates my short-legged-ness all the more, so I look so freakishly misshapen it's not even funny. :P

    So I'll just sit and admire them on you, mmhm.

  9. I love the trend on you, but feel like I wouldn't be able to pull it together for myself. I love reading your posts because you translate runway to "real way" and it always looks great!