Monday, February 15, 2010

Cold when it's cold.

Yipes, lovies. My immune system is usually the best around, but every once in while, it turns on me. That "once in a while is" rightnow, and my head hurts just watching the little letters type across the screen. Ouch.

So, obvi, posting may be scarce in the next day or so. Hopefully this gross cold will pass tomorrow and I can be back to my merry little ways, but I just like a little insurance. So that's that.

To make me feel better, hubsters went to Braums for my fave combo of fries, chicken fingers and a peanut butter and fudge sundae... and the jerks forgot my chix fingers. Oy. (and yes, I said I don't like ice cream, but I'm sick goshdernit and it sounded great. And it WAS.)

And theeeeeenn, the damn UPS man never showed up with my F21 package. Doesn't he know I'm sickly? Doesn't he know that besides reality television and a Braums sundae, this was what I was looking forward to all my pathetic day? Oy again.

Here's a pick me up: Justine's item of the day. Hellloooo Vegas.

(I woulda picked something more realistic but most retailers took the day off and didn't post anything new. Oy times three!)


  1. I hope you feel better soon. And how dare the UPS guy not show up with your package? Unacceptable my friend. I know that when I am sick, I feel much better if I get something in the mail.