Thursday, April 1, 2010

If you love it so much, why don't you MARRY it?!

... well maybe I will!!!

(Sorry, hubby.)

It'll soon become apparent why that's my title, but before I continue I must shout-out to TWO Rosas right now:

1. To Rosa, who doesn't have a blog, but many of us bloggies know her because she is fantastic and leaves sweet comments on a buncha blogs. Girl, you need your own blog stat. I owe her the biggest thanks because without her, this dress would not be in my possession (I promise not to get too Oscar-y here, k). She kindly scoured her H&M for this dress and apparently got weird-eyed from her husband for beeline-ing to it when she spotted it. Teehee.

2. To Rosa of Love at First Shop, because I first spotted it on her and her sister and fell. in. love. immediately. They looked freekin' adorable, and when I heard it was only $19.95, I begged Rosa (ahem, see above) to find it and send it to me. So thank you to both Rosas!!! :)

Anyway, here is what I love so much that I might marry (well, at least wear until its a dingy shade of tan) (and please pardon the five-gagillion following photos, I'm a tad excited if you can't already tell):

 Dress: H&M Garden Collection dress (made of 100% recycled cotton, eeepp!)
Shoes: Linea Paolo reptile wedges

Review-wise, the dress is made of a very heavy recycled cotton. The dress is unique because it has this reconstructed, bulky look about it, but it somehow maintains an air of lightness and femininity that I love. The flower appliques at the top are a bit frayed at the edges, lending to that gruff demeanor. I just heart.

...and some pics with my new Immutable Jacket (a la Anthropologie) --

Belt: Rodarte for Target leopard belt
Shoes (in 2nd pic): Charles Charles David cage bow pumps

p.s. This jacket goes with everything. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed when I received it-- the material is very polyester-ey and felt cheap. But when I found it literally goes with everything in my closet, I was sold and hooked. So no returning happening here.

And can you blame me for breaking the shopping ban for these things? Hmmm? Nope didn't think so. :)


  1. Hey Justine! That dress is sooo adorable, perfect for spring! You can wear it so many ways :)Lol, I'm with you on the shopping ban....I'm always on one and I always break it!

  2. “Hi there, this is the first Rosa, hee hee!
    The dress is so adorable on you. I think the material is of excellent quality and the flower detail is just gorgeous. So pretty! And you look so great wearing this dress, I can see why you want to marry it. And the combo with the Anthro jacket is perfection.
    Glad to help. And anytime anyone has an H&M emergency, I am here to help :)

  3. You look so cute! Can I ask what size you got in the dress?

  4. Yes! Its a US 4... which I think is a 34 European. And I think it fits

  5. amber's notebookApril 1, 2010 at 9:07 AM

    YAY I love Rosa!! Awesome dress and how sweet of her!! Rosa you do need a blog!! =)

  6. Oh do I love the dress!!! And I love Rosa! :)

  7. I am in love with this dress too! There's an H & M in walking distance of my work and I'm totally going to go and check it out at lunch. I can't come up with a single reason why I shouldn't have this dress. I hope it looks just as good on me as it does on you!

  8. Yay for Rosa - she is one of the sweetest people I've ever met in the blogger world! She's helped me more than once find something I couldn't find in Chicago :-)
    The dress looks awesome on you, and I really love it with your Immutable Jacket!

  9. that dress is so pretty. I can't believe it was $20! I love my navy immutable jacket. You're right about the material, but since it can go with so much, it can be easily overlooked. I recently purchased the white version and when it arrived and I tried it immediately went back. The only word that came to mind was one...WAITER. I think the navy is the most classic.

  10. Wow! That dress is awesome! I haven't been to H&M in a while, but umm.... I think I might be heading out that way on Sat. I hope I find my size. I guess my fear of white has officially ended with all the white and cremes I have been getting lately huh?

    : )

    BTW, the combo looks awesome.

  11. that dress is SO fab! it makes me wish i was in Toronto just so I could have bought it!!!

  12. Oh God, I love it so much! I really think you have on one of the cutest outfits I have seen. I am dying for H&M's garden collection! I just blogged about the red rose dress ;) Which, MIGHT be mine soon!

  13. This is so so adorable on you! I don't know why your blog gets buried in my Google Reader, wtf. I manage to keep up daily with your tweets but am always behind on posts.

    Anyway, at that price and the use of natural materials, I think it was a worthwhile buy.