Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finally found them...

... I mean, the perfect pair of nude sandals. Yay!

It all began when I spotted these, the most perfectest nude sandal by none-other than Jimmy Choo. Sigh.

JC's Private sandal, in beige. Oh yeah, and $950. Blah.

So I've been on the search for a similar pair. At first, I wanted something super-chunky, but as I was looking, I thought a buckle-laden wedge may not be dressy enough for some of my light spring dresses and decided that wasn't what I needed. So my final search criteria included relatively high heel (I'm a 3.5 incher and above) and quite simple and understated. Something... well, just like the Private above. I like it's class and sophistication-- it's a whole lotta shoe but still simple and stunning.

Let me tell you, there is not a lot out there that replicates that shoe. Oh... and I didn't want a cheapo $20 pair because I wanted these to be nice and last at least the whole season. I finally went to Aldo's site after not having visited for month (I'm usually not impressed, actually). Then... I found these.

And on sale!

There are obvious differences (patent vs. distressed-looking leather, a thinner toe strap, the buckle), but still close enough and still super pretty in my book. Best (most gratifying) part? I went on to the site today to grab the stock photo and guess what? They're again full priced. So I made the right decision on snagging them last night with free shipping AND sale price. Yay! :) I like when things like that happen to obliterate any possible feelings of shopping remorse.

On another note, I've decided that although I'm not going to call it a "shopping ban" per se, I'm going to try and refrain from all shopping until my Vegas trip at the end of the month. Right now, especially after these post-shopping ban buys, I have what I need/want and really don't need anything else. Despite its difficulty, I really liked going without for a few weeks. Honestly, although I went a little overboard on my post-ban shopping (shorts, a top, shoes, a purse, a dress and a jacket, YIKES), everything I got was a smart buy. And I really think that's due to letting it settle for weeks on end before making any rash decisions. (and I also think by calling it a SHOPPING BAN [scary] my id-like shopping desires rage and make rebellious-Justine come out... so I'm just tricking myself this time by getting rid of the pressure. Heh.)


  1. OOOOOMMMGGG... I have been stalking the JC Private in nude for a while now... they sit in my shopping cart via Nordstroms, almost on a daily basis, even though i know they will NEVER be mine LOL! ;( They are ahhh-mmaaayyy-zing! Good call on the Aldo pair, super cute!

  2. I LOVE those Jimmy Choos too...stunning! I think the Aldos are a great find, less dressy than the JC's but in a good way, edgier.

  3. Those Jimmy Choo's are to DIE for! But the ones you spooted are a great 'dupe' and won't damage your wallet!

  4. I actually like the Aldo's better! Great find, enjoy those!

  5. The Aldo shoes are a great find. So glad you found something to similar to the Jimmy Choo's.
    You are gonna have so much fun in Vegas, so jealous!!!

  6. amber's notebookApril 1, 2010 at 7:19 PM

    CUTE! Great find!!

  7. I am currently on a no-shop ban as well. It started, oh...about yesterday? It's so hard! The only exception to my rule is if I see something I simply cannot live without! Which is ridiculous of course because I can live without a lot. But that's how we shopping fiends rationalize =)

  8. That's what works for me too. Oh man, we're going to have to ride this out together.