Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review Spotlight on: Aldo

As I mentioned a bit ago, Aldo was not really on my radar for quite some time, as I felt I could never find a style I liked and thought the prices were a little steep for the quality I saw. Well... I have to take most of that back. Not only was I super excited to browse the site and find, oh, a million styles I loved, but the material (mostly real leather!) seems better than I remember. I'm letting bygones be bygones and have renewed my love of Aldo.

Here's my one beef: Sizing. I am an 8.5 usually (and on the small side of it at that), with the exception of some shoes and brands (hey Jeffrey Campbell, WTF? Why am I a 9?!). But I have a lot of trouble getting a reliable size out of my shoes. I don't know when it happened, but I remember back in the day always trying on 8s and always walking out a happy customer. Then, suddenly, it was like my feet got all janked up and weird and now are fickle about their size. Dunno (wonder if it's all the hell I put them through in 5 inch heels? Naaaahhh!). So the weird, European whole sizes at Aldo had me in a tizzy-- the 8s? the 9s? (or, rather: the 38s? the 39s?) Unfortunately, the sizing just didn't work for me. I bought the 39s and they are gaping around my narrow ankles... I went to the store to try the 38s and still no bueno, folks. I even tried on a whole buncha different styles with mostly the same results: way too big around the ankles. (interesting note, too: every shoe seemed really different; I was better in 8s in some and 9s in others) I'd show pictures but I'm just too sad to rehash the whole thing. Sigh. :-P

Here are some of my other picks, i.e. what I'd buy if my feet were not so narrow and more normal and I had lots of money (two of which are big trends for spring: Ghillie ties and clogs, get 'em while they're hot!):

ROW 1: Acree, $60; Daven, $90
ROW 2: Dillenburg, $59.98; Nemets, $125
ROW 3: Starace, $90; Stierle, $80
ROW 4: Hondel, $59.98; Rubash; $64.98
ROW 5: Roessner, $59.98; Dalecki, $90


  1. I don't know if I'm sipping the kool-aid Justine... I'm still on the side of the anti-aldo fence for the reasons you mentioned above (high prices for low quality).

    ... maybe I'll give them a second chance, but only for you... and only after the shopping ban ends...

  2. Aw - sorry about the sizing snafu, doll! I've had problems with my emaciated ankles...super weird fit problems. Hmph :( I lurve your picks though!

  3. I love all the neutral choices! I'm on the hunt for the perfect nude heel!

  4. This has sadly happened to me too! When I was younger, I was a size 7 shoe. Always, without a doubt. Well apparently my feet have shrunk because now I'm a size 6.5. Sometimes though, not always. And my right foot is smaller than my left so a lot of times my right shoe is slipping off while my left is just fine. WTH? I wish it was all much easier =)

  5. The Starace and Hondel are gorgeous! Too bad I would bust my ass in heels that high.

    Aldo has been a little weird on sizing for me too. I fit their 38/39/whatever it is perfectly in one shoe and was a size too large in another.

  6. I personally love Aldo, and am glad to hear you're getting your love on for it as well ;)

    Love the COLOUR of Starace.
    Love the SHAPE of Acree.
    Love the LACES of Rubash.
    Love the WEDGE (of course) of Dalecki.

    Did you get your nudes in the mail yet???

    You've been nominated for the SUNSHINE AWARD on my blog!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  7. Thanks! Yes, did get them but like I said sizing is alllll wank-jank
    on my feet. Too wide for my narrow feet. Sad.

  8. I had the same issue with Aldo's shoes. I usually wear a 7 or 7.5 and nothing worked for me there. I have very narrow feet too, so maybe that's the problem. Too bad because all of those shoes are awesome and I can swee how they would fit your style.

  9. I always see Aldo shoes and love them. But they never work out for me either!! I've simply bought and returned all my Aldo shoes.

    They have really great sales online, and a great return policy. But the quality---I can't wear them. It's so hard, uncushioned, no support.

    I am also usually between sizes, so it's hard to find one that fits, and I usually get soooo many blisters anyway because the leather is so stiff and hard.

    I would say just stay away. It's not worth the trouble. Maybe try DSW.