Monday, April 5, 2010

Fetching Fashions Styles: the Romper

Again, let me know if there is anything else you'd like me to style, be it an individual piece or an idea or a trend. I'd be happy to oblige!

Mikaela asked me to style the romper, and she had several considerations: day vs. night; what sort of shoes; cardigan vs. blazer. As I quickly mentioned in the Q&A post, there is no right answer to this question. The great thing about this year's romper is that there are a million styles, from dressy to casual, and even within those styles there are a million ways to either do 'em up right or leave 'em as is. My personal belief about the romper is that it is such a easy-peasy outfit-- throw it on with some flat sandals and a necklace and you're GTG. But, if you want some ideas for how to do it up a little bit, here are a few ideas.

1. Cardigan versus Blazer?
As a very general (and not set-in-stone) guideline, I think the more casual the romper, the better it lends to a cardigan; the dressier, the better it is for a blazer. Always keep proportion in mind: that is key when deciding between something tailored and structured versus a more relaxed sweater. This Volcom romper (which almost has that skort/dress-short look) could go either way. Also, that style (shorts + thin straps/v-neck) is one of the more popular styles, so chances are you can take this idea to many other rompers you may already own. Here's how I did it:
Romper: Volcom
Cardigan: J. Crew Ruffles and Roses cardi
Jacket: Top Shop
Flats: Elie Tahari
Pumps: Aldo
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

The key is simplicity, I think. The blazer look is great with some pumps to accentuate the elegance and dress it up a bit, while the cardigan look is a nice daytime equivalent that is comfortable and relaxed. If you're not into the frills, no worries-- any regular cardigan in almost any color would do! Plus, in my opinion, a statement necklace goes with either and is super-versatile. I liked the pearls and bows to add the girly feel.

2. "Shoes... OMG. Shoes." ($10 goes to the one who knows what that's from. Ok not really, but I'd still think you're cool.)
The romper may be one of the best items for showcasing pretty shoes, because they can be such blank slates. This romper from Geren Ford is a perfect example (and may be one of my favorite rompers because of the more modest top contrasted with the short-shorts on the bottom!). To make it simpler for the purposes of this styling, I chose my most favorite romper shoe choices: the platform Shoetie or the embellished flat sandal. Click the photo for deets on each shoe, but they run the gamut from relatively inexpensive (Steve madden thongs for $100) to kinda pricey (Givenchy sandals for $500). Of course, that's what Polyvore had to offer-- there are plenty of shoes out there for any budget and any taste.
Oh-- and I think you can do flats for sure with a romper (see above), but because I prefer sandals, I gave sandals options here. For flats, I would suggest some neutral metallics (cute here!), especially if you're wearing a floral or printed romper, anything by Sam Edelman (I heart) or patent leather ones like above.


3. Day and Night (oww oww!)
This is where the tailored vs. loosey-goosey looks come in. To me, the more laid back and flowy, the more casual and good for day. The more structured and tailored (and blingy!), the better for night. I styled this very casual romper to show how even the most chillaxed romper can be taken from the pool to out to dinner with friends in the evening. It's by Ella Moss, the queen of comfortable casuals. I kept the look rather simple, but keep in mind: the day look could be accessorized with a slouchy bag, a scarf, more necklaces, etc... and the night look could be accessorized with bangles, drop earrings, bold metallics and even a low waisted belt (if it fit right and could cover the drawstring tie at the hip). I kept it simple so as not to overwhelm. (p.s., I love that necklace already styled in the product photo-- for day AND night!)
Jacket: F21 (no longer available, but you can find other sequin blazers out there!)
Cardi: Top Shop
Sandals: Florina by Playhouse
Platform sandals: Fergie (via Piperlime)

Hope that helps (somewhat)! Again, it was hard for me because I really, really think rompers can be done almost any way imagineable. Like I said, my only guidelines are keeping proportion in mind (balance low cut tops with longer bottoms; proportion a longer pant line with taller heels, making sure to accentuate the smallest part of you in bulkier items, etc) and keeping day time looks laid-back and flowy/night time looks tailored and structured. How do you do the romper??


  1. I love the romper/blazer/nude pumps look! There was the cutest turquoise romper on f21 a month ago, and I hummed and hawed over it for too long and it was sold out within a few days! Definitely loving this look, just on the lookout for the perfect one for me!

  2. love the blog, rompers are sexyy!!!

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  3. love love love!! thanks so much. rompers mystify me, i really want to try them, but i just didn't know where to start...

    i am loving these outfit ideas!!

  4. Heather @ braceyourselvesApril 5, 2010 at 4:10 PM

    I know the shoes thing...That is a bit on Kidd Kraddick in the morning, it's Kidd being Kinsey. It's funny because as soon as I read that I thought it in the Kinsey voice!

  5. Lol!! Yes you're right, but I was actually thinking about the You Tube
    skit with the gay guy named Kelly. Hilarious that you mentioned Kidd
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  6. I'm loving the romper in Shoes...OMG, Shoes! I have one pretty similar that I got from H&M last year! Luvs!

    I'm working on my post for Rompers now and I can't narrow it down! I love them all! lol

    Great post!

  7. Yay! Glad it was helpful and not too indecisive. haha :)

  8. Omg shoes... These was rule..these ones suck!!! hahaha

    I honestly bought that guys CD a few years back when I first heard it on a morning newscast. I had to order it from his website. I love it : )

  9. woops, I meant: these ONES rule, these ones suck....

  10. Lol, yay! You got it. Here's your imaginary $10, haha :)

  11. woo-hoo!! Now I'm rich!!

  12. Love the options. I think I really love the idea of the romper with a blazer, I am gonna have to try that sometime.
    Great styling options!

  13. They just got rid of the Kidd Kraddick show in my area! I'm so sad. :(