Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WWJW: Back to (almost) normal!

Thank God that was the quickest cold known to man... I think because I really laid low yesterday, I feel a ton better today. Still, you know that "I'm better but I'm still kinda icky" feeling? You can't pinpoint it, but there's something that's still off the day you start feeling better? Well, that's how I was today. I feel a ton better, but instantly grabbed a button-up and boyfriend jeans this morning when I went in my closet because it was easy. After looking at myself all day in the mirror, I kept thinking, blah blah boring. So naturally, I decided to play a little dress up this afternoon after work. Perfect time for a WWJW post, eh? :)


 Shirt: Express ombre button up (knock off of those James Perse ones from last year, remember?)
Jeans: Rich and Skinny boyfriend jeans
Sandals: Nine West gold sandals

(if I weren't gross and phlegmy. TMI?)

Shirt: Urban Outfitters Shoulder Detail top
Necklace: Anthropologie Ranuncula Necklace
Skirt: Banana Republic, aeons ago
Shoes: Linea Paolo reptile slingbacks
Belt (first pic): Steve Madden (via Nordstrom)

Apologies for the gazillion photos of the dream outfit, but I was super excited about it because this skirt has been sitting in my closet for 1000 years, totally unworn. The tags were removed, suggesting I had in fact worn it at least once, but honestly I can't remember when that would have been. Here was the problem: see how high it sits and how long it is? Stupid me thought it was supposed to sit on the low waist and I was baffled by its ill fit and long hemline. Now, I know this had to have been purchased a long time ago, because I've had the high-waisted skirt figured out now for some time. Musta been back when that really wasn't in style (was that even ever? who knows. I've not always been style savvy, lovies). Also, how I could have ever worn that thing on my low waist is a mystery. Aaaanyway, point is this is a fantastic spring skirt and I'm already envisioning a ton of ways to wear it. It's a fun change of pace from my uber-short skirts and dresses. Plus, (bonus), it's work-appropriate! Yippee Hooray! 

Oh and that shirt? So glad I bought it in the blue after loving it in the pink. I think it goes with everything I own, not even kidding. I heart it. And the material, and the simplicity, and the color, and the everything. It has FF seal-of-approval all over it. Go buy it, now. :)

One last thing: look ma, I'm a blonde again! You can still sorta kinda see the underneath-roots because I waited too long to get it re-done, but it's a hell of a lot better. And the girl I had at the Aveda Institute was fabulous-- I scheduled an early-summer appointment with her so the root issue wouldn't be a problem again. Done and done.


  1. Love the skirt... don't you just love when you recycle your closet without knowing it??

  2. YES. hehe... makes the husband happy. :)

  3. Both of these outfits are lovely! The skirt is such a great rediscovered piece--you look so ladylike in it!

  4. love the second outfit

  5. amber's notebookApril 13, 2010 at 10:29 PM

    omg that is too cute!! Glad you feel better hopefully 100% soon!

  6. That's funny that you hadn't worn it because you thought it was ill-fitting! I've recently found that I have several skirts that I thought I didn't like, pre-high waisted skirt era!

  7. that second outfit is adorable!

  8. omg, i have that skirt! and i almost put it in the goodwill bag because i could never figure out why it was so long!! thank you so much, i am literally skipping over to my closet to try it on high waisted:)

  9. Lol!!! Yay! that is fantastic. :)