Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OOTD: To the maxi!

OK, so since I'm a day back-logged on the outfits of the week, this is actually yesterday's outfit, and I think you can tell. When I'm not feeling the best, it's written all over my face. Look at these pics. Dude... I look sad. Anyway, I like the outfit and loooove maxi dresses, so I wanted to share. I'm totally shocked I haven't yet posted an OOTD with a maxi dress, since they're a go-to comfort outfit for me. I mean, how simple is that: a long dress that practically feels like a nightgown? Yes please. :)

Cardigan: Nordstrom Halogen embroidered cardigan
Dress: Nordstrom BP maxi dress
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Cedary nude sandals
Necklace: Flavanilla Love necklace

So I did go to the doc yesterday because my cough was getting just annoying, and turns out I had bronchitis. Or, have it... but the antibiotics should push it out in a matter of days. Crisis (for Vegas) averted!

And oh! The new shoes arrived. I'd been just dying for a pair of nude sandals, and while they're not perfect, they're awesome and totally pretty, so I'm happy. The size worked, too, which made me more happy. Here are some closeups:

Just what I was looking for: very nude, open toe, high heel, and covers my arch. They seem pretty darn versatile, too.... will look nice dressed up or down. I recommend!

And thanks for all the well-wishes about the impromptu house thing! It's definitely NOT ours yet, and I'm anticipating a long process, so I shouldn't be speaking too soon. There's still a chance it doesn't happen. But one can only hope (and still be scared poopless).


  1. *LOVE the new sandals! They will go with everything in your wardrobe.
    *I am sorry you are still not feeling well, coughs are usually obnoxious more than anything.
    * I wish I could wear a maxi dress, but I am short (5'2) and feel like I would shrink even more in a long dress. But I really want one!
    I think that covers everything ;)

  2. amber's notebookApril 21, 2010 at 6:13 PM

    wow I am shocked you found a maxi dress you would wear with heel (because we are the same height) They are always short on me and I have to wear flats.
    The new shoes are super cute! I agree about Maxi dresses.

  3. I love the dress! so much I dug through my entire suitcase to find MY gypsy 05 maxi, unfortunately it looks like I did not pack it! ugh!!

  4. lol, Amber I know. I read your entry about maxis the other day. This was such a weird find, because each of the dresses were different lengths-- it was like a manufacturing error, and this one was long! So I snagged it. But I normally have problems too. Like the T-Bags one I own is too short, even for flats, but I still love it. :)

  5. Thank you! I have the opposite problem of yours, it seems: I'm usually too tall, hehe. maxis are just a pain unless you're the perfect height it seems!!

  6. Love maxi dresses, but I am too darn short to wear them. It looks super cute on you though. And good luck with the house! And so glad to hear that the doctor gave you antibiotics, that should take care of the bronchitis and you can enjoy Vegas. Yeah!

  7. those shoes are fab!

  8. Oooh the new shoes are lovely! I can't wait to see how you wear them on your trip!

  9. I love your whole ensemble today - that sweater is gorgeous and fits in perfectly with the dress. And great choice on the shoes!

  10. You're totally rockin' the Maxi dress look! Nicely done-

    (The Pretty Pauper)

  11. Oh, very nice. How pretty is that Nordstrom cardigan?!

  12. Hi love! Those shoes are gorgeous on you! The maxi is adorable, too.

    Keep us in the know about the house...that's exciting...

  13. I love the cardigan! Cute outfit and get well soon!