Friday, April 9, 2010

OOTD: Yellow and Grey colorway.

Eeeeshhh... today was not such a good day, lovies. I took some liberties at work that I thought I had to find out I... don't. Ooops. Hope the boss isn't too mad on Monday, or else little Justiney has 5 months of job searching to do. :-/  (I think I'm just being anxious and overly dramatic here, as per my usual, but one never knows.)

Despite that, I really liked my outfit today. Didn't need to do a WWJW post, because this is just what I wanted to wear! I love this dress. I bought it from EPIC apparel (boutique here in Dallas at which I used to work) a few years back, right after my shopping ban two Lents ago. Plus, in honor of my giveaway, I'm again wearing my jewelry bar necklace purchased a while back. It's pretty similar to what one of ya'll will win. I chose the gemstone that is a greyish, brownish hue because I loved the smokiness of it. So pretty paired with the gold chain. And I really like how all the colors are working today-- the yellow and grey mix is one of my faves, paired with the smokey topaz necklace, the acid washed denim and the grey nails (love). And because I almost took my toenail off last night while at the grocery store, it's flippie-floppies for me for a little while. Until, you know, I have a whole toenail again. Boo.

Dress: EPIC apparel
Jacket: F21 Dean Denim Jacket
Belt: F21 bow belt
Necklace: the jewelry bar (etsy!!)
Shoes: Target xhilaration thongs

(And just to make me sad... a picture from last summer. How I am jealous of me one year ago. Look at that tan!! and lack of roots! Sad.)

Here's to a nice weekend for all! And employment. Employment is good...


  1. I love that dress! And with or without a tan, you still look beautiful! Flip-flops are a way of life here in socal =)

  2. thanks, love! yes, sometimes I wish Dallas adhered to those socal rules. Unfortunately, it's heel-or-be-heeled in Dallas, hehe.

  3. Great print on that dress, and I love that purple dress too!!!!!

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so glad that post helped you decide whether or not to buy the F+C Disco City bag. Revolve already shipped & it already arrived! but I had it shipped to my mom's house so I still have another few weeks until its in my grubby little hands!

    I'm following you now - cute blog! & you look just as pretty now as you did then. Trust me I am super pale and my hair is less than desirable right now... lol.


  5. I love that dress on you Justine - it's so pretty!
    And you are just as pretty now as you were 1 year ago, if not more!

  6. I hope everything works out OK with your job. I like your outfit! I normally don't care for denim jackets, for some reason, but I think this is a pretty combination, very spring-like.