Saturday, April 24, 2010

Congratualtions to...

... # 54, who is Jen (of The Life Accounts)! Jen, I'll email you today to get your address and will ship the pretty necklace before I leave for Vegas next week. :)

(p.s., I assigned numbers in the same manner as I did for my last giveaway-- comments got numbers in the order they were received, and people who tweeted got two consecutive numbers.)

If you follow my Tweets, you'll notice I stopped by Targhetto today and saw the ZP for Target line already out (for those Dallasites-- it's the Cityplace Target in uptown). Here are some pics and comments--

1. The brocade skirt. They didn't have the dress version yet, not sure if they are getting it either. But the material is very nice and stiff. Almost too stiff on me, since it created a strange shape and kinda made me look weird. Guess it didn't help that I didn't have an appropriate top on, but whatever. At $50, I passed.

2. The pink zebra dress. Like most things, I assume, this looked better on Nicky Hilton. Sigh. Somehow it flattened out the boobage (whatever is there to flatten). The material and quality was nice, just like on the skirt, but it just didn't seem to work on me. Plus, it's a rather loud print. Not very versatile, but would be fun for a girls night out or a bachelorette party. $70, I passed again.

3. The grommetted dress. If there were a dress to buy from this collection, I would have gone for this one. Problem was, I took a usual XS and it didn't even zip. Didn't bother trying on the small, but I assume it would have been ok. The design was really cool and the material almost felt like a heavy silk. I didn't check, but I assume it's poly. I could see myself getting plenty of use out of it, but given that I'm about to spend a ton in Vegas this coming weekend, I passed. (one weird thing, as I look at the pics: the strips of material across the breast bone seem like they're not straight. I think that might just have had to do with the fact I couldn't zip it and it wasn't on me correctly.)

Sorry about the quality... you know how it is, with iPhones and Target lighting and all.   Did not spot the maxi dress I wanted to try. I did see the red leather jacket, which was cute and looked like the quality was nice, but it's red. BRIGHT red. Doesn't seem so practical to me, really. And at like, $250 (I think that's the price), it's just too much to spend at Target. Let me know what ya'll think about the line when/if you see it!!


  1. Hmmm....not excited by anything I'm seeing in irl pics. He'll probably sell out anyway.

  2. I think, per usual, the bikini (in the safety pin print) is the best piece : ) ... I ended up getting the gown (debating on returning) and scarf/sarong in the safety pin print, the tuxedo pants, and the ruched skirt. the yellow coat was cute, and the blazer idea was cute, but I felt that they wouldn't get a lot of wear for the cost.

    I wish there were more accessories but it's probably a good thing for the wallet!

  3. I don't know if you're impressed enough by the collection to venture out this far, but I went to the Allen Target on Stacy Road a day or two ago and they had the dress version of the first skirt. It's super cute, but again, seemed pretty stiff. I didn't try it on, but would maybe consider it.

  4. I've heard great reviews of the brocade dress. Debating staying up another 50 minutes to snag it since I have to work all day tomorrow.

  5. Hmm, I've never commented here, so hi. I just also did a (rather limited) review of the line. It was pretty hit or miss for me, but the brocade dress is fantastic. I LOVE it. I am trying to come up with somewhere I'd wear it so I can justify it on my rather limited budget.

  6. I think you look great in that first skirt. The only thing that really had me excited about the collection was the dress version of the skirt, nothing else really drew me. But of course everything on the web site sold out as soon as it launched.

  7. I totally forgot that this line was coming out! I was in NYC when they had a preview party and nothing really caught my eye in the collection except for that brocade dress. I didn't know there was a skirt too. The material is pretty stiff for a summer piece, but it it oh so pretty.
    I think a lot of this stuff is high priced (for Target at least), so it's probably best that you pass and save for lot of fun shopping in Vegas. :)

  8. Oooh, I love the pink zebra dress (I like loud prints :P)...but $70!?!?!?! I mean, it's nice that it's good quality, but it's still Target. I might catch that on clearance though. :)

    Oh, and as a side note related to Amanda's post: I looove that Allen Target. There, it's out. I think we should road trip to go to a non Targhetto sometime. Just sayin.

  9. lol... the 'burbs?! You crazy, gurl. :)
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