Saturday, April 24, 2010

Caught my eye...

I'm not sure why exactly, but I rarely check Arden B for new arrivals, neither online or in the store. I think it's mostly because the window stylings look a little... well, "cheap," in my opinion. At least at the store in Northpark. Anyway, can't recall how I stumbled upon it yesterday, but I found myself browsing through their new spring offerings. Hey-- I was pleasantly surprised! I found a cute dress, romper, and some great blazers whose quality seemed nice. Only seeing the stuff in person will reveal the truth, but I was still inspired to do some Polyvores with a couple items I'm loving. (And even used some of my already owned pieces, just in case I decide to purchase an item or two during my shopping spree in Vegas :) )

neutral hues

Polka Dot romper


Totally loving that dress in the last set. How cute is that, especially paired with the Immutable Jacket? Mmmhmm, might have to be mine. And that white blazer is adorable. I've been looking for one, and really want one that's "girlfriend" style, since the more fitted blazers are coming back for the spring. This might fit the bill nicely. And notice the Foley + Corinna Disco City Bag? Courtesy Shopbop, it should be sitting on my doorstep by Tuesday. Eeeep! :) I love it when I finally make decisions.

Also, quick update: the spur-of-the-moment house thing did not come through. I'm definitely disappointed, but I'm sure there will be something else out there. Things happen for a reason, right? Right.   :)


  1. I love the baby pink dress. I think those rosettes are the perfect little detailing on a dress like that!

  2. You know, ArdenB can surprise you sometimes. And the last dress is so cute and very you!
    Sorry about the house. You will find the house of your dreams one day and it will all work out.

  3. I also haven't stepped foot into Arden B in ages (probably since college). I have no idea why, but I think my taste have outgrown the store.
    However, those are very cute items you have picked out and I'm so glad that you got the Foley + Corinna bag!!! I can't wait to see it in some future posts.