Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Woah, Dude.

Nothing to post for today for three reasons:

1. I have a giveaway! Please go enter it. :)

2. I have a pounding headache and have finally broken down to go see the doc this afternoon. Le sigh. Don't want to be ill for Vegas in one and a half weeks!

3. Something crazy happened last night. One minute, husband and I were talking about maybe renting a house from my inlaws (since our apartment complex sucks and we need to move)... and the next they put an offer in on a gogeous house and we may be moving into it (and, ahem, basically assuming the payments of a mortgage) within the next two months. My head continues to pound, readers. Pound. Bare with me, the shock and illness should pass soon.

(Well, at least I know the illness has to pass, but the shock may linger for some time. Especially with, you know, an increased monthly payment and decreased income and impending student-hood. Gulp.)


  1. Ooh girl, a HOUSE! Now that is exciting news!!! You have to post pics of it! :)

  2. Exciting, yes, but mostly terrifying. Haha. And it's not ours yet!!

  3. Oh and you don't have kids, so depending on how many rooms you have you can have a shoe room, a dress room, an accessories room and on....

    I am counting the days to my future Larger shoe room (the one I have now has shrunk), my coat room and my accessories room and my arts and crafts room. Oh I am giddy just thinking about it. ; )

  4. OH yeah. 4 bedrooms, plus a den, media room and game room. THERE'S PLENTY OF
    ROOM. lol... hubby already told me I can have a room for clothes/the blog
    picture taking room. haha :)
    New item from *Ivy* on Fetching Fashions: Woah,

  5. congrats! that is awesome :)

  6. whoo-hoo!!
    I tell you, everyday I stare at the boy's three rooms and go, "one day...One day..." I'm a great mother aren't I??

    I can't take over the office so I can't count that as a future _______ room. Bummer. At least I do have my current shoe room. I don't know where I had put all of my shoes had I not. I shudder at the thought. hehehe

  7. Headaches are the worst. Feel better. I hope the house works out!

  8. congrats on the house! so exciting! gotta get that home-buyer credit before it runs out!