Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Virtual Shopping bags...

I'm quite bored today at work (doing really menial stuff because we've been crazy slow around here), so I've been doing a lot of online perusing. I'm trying to round out my spring/summer wardrobe and think I've done a good job so far-- stocked up on dresses, playful short-shorts, mini skirts, blazers and jackets... the only thing that's generally missing are some new shirts to pair with the shorts/skirts and nude shoes. Yep. STILL on the lookout for the nude shoe. Here are two inexpensive choices and I think I'll get one or the other...
Jessica Simpson Cedary, in sand, $59.95 (on sale at JS's website). A more casual nude sandal that I can see going with most everything. (drawback= too casual?)

Michael Antonio Tinsley, $48.00. Much sexier and strappier, but possibly better for going out/Vegas than the other option. (drawback= not real leather, could be cheap in person)

Also, I've had these two items in my Shopbop cart for some time now and just haven't committed. It's one or the other (for this month, at least). What shall I do?

Foley and Corinna Disco City bag, in fuchsia. Very versatile, can be used year round and possibly even daily. Good for night/day transition. (drawback= I love the pink, but will I eventually be bored with it? Since I'm no bag-lady, will I regret it?)

Sunner Pixie Shorts, in Amethyst. So cute and easy to wear. (drawbacks= do I need more shorts? And this isn't as useful and smart of a purchase.)

Another random virtual shopping cart item:

BB Dakota leather jacket, on sale at Piperlime. Maybe not the most useful thing for right now, but it's super cheap and really, really pretty! And I've been on the hunt for one for a while now... seems like the time to buy.

And, because Codename Ivy apparently loves me, she made me this, which shall arrive on my doorstep Saturday. YAY! Thanks, girl!!! It's GORGEOUS. (and a total knock-off of the J.Crew Fenton/Fallon necklace, no?)  :)


  1. Yay for such cute things! I actually really like the JS shoes, and while they are casualish, they could be "edgier dressy" too sorta... Like I totally see them worn with sun and cocktail dresses...

    And the F+C bag is amazing... i'm no bag girl either, but I'd use the ish out of that bag!

  2. I am such a bag girl, so my opinion will be slightly skewed, but I would buy that F+C in a heartbeat. I have the mini city tote in black and wear it all the time (even after close to 3 yrs). That fuschia would make a great pop of color to any outfit. However, I would get those shorts too because they are so adorable, but you would get less wear out of them than the bag. Decisions, decisions. You can't go wrong with either...I think. :)

  3. I am liking those JS nude sandals. I think they're probably better shoes and will be more versatile and easily dressed up or down.

    And the jacket - shoot, if it is exactly what you've been looking for and is super-cheap now, I say get it. If you don't like it, you can always return it.

  4. love that necklace!

  5. i owned the jessica simpson pumps! they were amazing and actually comfy. unfortunately, i returned them bc they were a bit high and i had no where to wear them. would have totally kept them otherwise.

  6. Thanks for the shout out : )

    I really hope it lives up to your expectations. I did wear mine today and I got several compliments.

  7. Love the necklace! Adorable tote too!

  8. Because of this post I went out and bought the Jessica Simpson shoes so I definitely think they are a fantastic option!

    Also, go for the bag. The shorts may be cute now but when and where would you actually wear them? They don't seem as practical (or attractive if you ask me).

  9. Bag lady here, chiming in. Haha. But seriously, I didn't realize that it was only $198! For some reason I thought it was $298. That's a good price point to join in the mini sling/hip bag trend and you've obviously thought about it!

    Sunner makes great pieces, but I think the magenta shorts can be quickly dated. And the JS pair doesn't seem too casual to me, unless you are going to like, a ball. I think it would work from brunch to dinner dates.

  10. Ok, so I LOVE both of those shoe options! I was just out tonight looking for an exact pair like Jessica Simpson's! Sadly, I couldn't find anything that resembled them. I say buy both. I am such an enabler ;)

  11. The Pretty PauperApril 15, 2010 at 1:43 AM

    I actually just tried these on at Nordies the other day and they were very cute, not to mention comfy!


  12. I prefer the JS shoes. Looks classy! And I love the necklace... so beautiful! I wish I know how to make one. :D

  13. I vote for the Tinsley shoes. Much strappier and sexier for Las Vegas. The JS ones are a little blah to me. I vote no on the shorts. You already have the other ruffle shorts and you would be breaking your own rule of "no elastic waistband." :)