Monday, May 31, 2010

Wishlisted: Urban Outfitters.

Told you it wouldn't be long until I got the shopping bug again! UO has had ups and downs for me... and I went a very long time before I even went in again. But I'd say around Fall 09 there was a turnaround and I rediscovered the joys of the store. One thing I've said before, and I'll say again (just in case there are some UO reps that read this, or something...) Please get some better styling on the site! Whenever I go in to the store, I'm always way more impressed with the items... they never look as good online as they do in person. The clothes seem to just hang on those models. Which is a shame, really. So please stop dressing those poor, scraggly haired gals with bandeau tops, acid washed denim jackets and high waisted shorts with socks and sandals. Really, not a good look.

(She looks great.)

(She looks not-so-great. Sad.)

Aaaaaaanywho, here's what I'm wishing was on sale for this holiday weekend. Sigh. A gal can dream! :)

Cheap Monday Mandy skirt ($38)-- that draping is fantastic and the futuristic tye-dye is so on point!

Dolce Vita romper ($185)-- a little pricey for a romper to me, but I like that pseudo-Ikat, tribal look!

Nom de Plume Yaya King skirt ($54) -- leopard. Meow. 'Nuff said. :)

Kimchi Blue Scallop skirt ($58)-- Scallops! Love! omg, I need this plz?

Kimchi Blue ruffle tap shorts ($58)-- It's my tap shorts! With a pretty floral print! Heart.

Matiko Nicki Peep toe wedge-- Shoe porn. That peep is perf! :)

Happy shopping, and happy Memorial Day! :)


  1. haha! so true about their website. Urban is kinda like a forever 21 to me in that I just can't shop online. I have to go into the store and see what they've got on that day... and everything MUST be tried on.

    Great post!

  2. Yes, the UO models kinda scare me sometimes! On the other hand, those ruffle tap shorts, the scallop skirt, and those nude wedges are adorable! I have been wanting nude wedges lately.

  3. Oh the Mandy skirt is sooooo awesome!

  4. I love that scallop skirt! And those wedges are straight up awesome.