Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Merci beaucoup, mes amis!

Thank you all for your honest feedback regarding my new pants! I have to be truthful, I was secretly hoping for you all to say, "So pretty, Justine! Great! Keep em!", but the fact that you didn't just confirms my suspcion that they need to go back. Sad. But I guess the flip side is I can get something else in it's stead. After a big risk and fail with those pants, I think I might stick to something simple and practical-- new jeans. I've been wearing my Hudsons for several years now and they're starting to show the wear, plus no matter how much I love my AE super skinnies, I'm a bit of a denim brand whore (I'll admit it!) and want some designer duds. Oooorrrrr, the Equipment shirt I've been pining for... which isn't quite as practical, but has definitely been on my wishlist for some time. Decisions, decisions.  :)

I also get to pick up my presale top from Neiman's this evening, so definitely expect an outfit with it soon. I've never purchased a Robbi + Nikki item before, but given the father company (Robert Rodriguez), I have high hopes that it will be worn many, many times.

Also, miss Chloe from the Chloe Conspiracy, and now See Chloe Shop, is hosting a great giveaway with one of my faves, Shopbop! Check out her giveaway here, and enter to win a $100 gift card. Not too shabby, eh?

Enjoy your Wednesday, readers! (and p.s., is it just me or is this week drrraaaagggingggg byyyyy?)


  1. Jeans are always a great investment in my opinion. I recommend Paige Denim (gotta size up though) and James Jeans.

  2. Oh love...I am such a jean ho myself. My new faves are Joe's Cigarette and William Rast. Honestly...hubs made me count the number of jeans in my wasn't pretty.

  3. Paige and me don't work... James jeans, either! :( I can wear Hudson, J
    brand, Rich and Skinny or AG. And maybe one style from William Rast, but
    they're super low in the back on me. I know my denim (used to sell it!)...
    haha :)

  4. oh my, part of me wants to tell you not to give up on khaki's but also part of me says, it.

    i've been experimenting a lot lately with denim, but mostly i wear my hudson skinnies. i'm getting a pair of j brand grey skinnies too. resin is a new brand people are talking about a lot, and i think they have an interesting texture that's different from many denims out there.

    if you need help, just let me now, i'd be more than happy to!

  5. I meant...know. not 'now.'