Sunday, May 9, 2010

OOTD: "Ikat" of the Tiger.

Ha! Get it?! Like that awesome (coughSARCASTICcough) song Eye of the Tiger? Grrr, baby. :)

(...and Happy Mother's Day!!)

Although I was greatly fooled by what I thought was a gift from the gods (namely, the Intermix coupon that ended up having more strings attached than I expected), I looked cute on my shopping trip Saturday! It wasn't all bad-- if you read my post from earlier, you'll see I took advantage of the ever-tempting Neiman Marcus Pre-sale event. Ladies, this is a killer. Do not go unless you plan on dropping dough. I rarely go in to Neiman's, but when I do, it always seems like pre-sale time and I always leave with a new credit card bill (hate they don't take Visa debit). Plus, the SA was cute and I recognized her from my retail days (she worked across the street from me at an adorable boutique that has since closed). We had a nice long talk about what a shame it is they don't carry Geren Ford at Neiman's (we were both wearing GF). Speaking of:

Blazer: Zara Basics blush blazer
Jeans: Hudson signature bootcuts
Shoes: Charles by Charles David reptile wedges
Necklace: Flavanilla (etsy)

This top was actually a part of my Friends and Family loot at Shopbop and I snagged the last one (though it's still available at Intermix and Geren Ford's site). That always makes it more special, right? I love this top so much. When I saw that pattern I knew it would be the perfect way to marry the feminine aesthetic I gravitate towards with the tribal trend that is "in" for spring/summer. Plus, it looks great with my new Zara blazer (which sadly hides the back of this top. I'll save that for another time). I have been looking for a tailored blazer for a while now and wanted one in white or black. But. I spotted this pretty blush color and couldn't resist. It fits me wonderfully and has a great weight to it-- I think it will work for most of the year despite the springtime hue. I love when pieces are pretty and special enough to be worn without a lot of adornment or extras, so all this called for was my "Love" necklace and I was out the door. I'd say it was a great Saturday, even counting the sad news about my strings-attached coupon. Win some, lose some.


  1. too bad about the strings attached intermix promo, but your outfit is really cute! I love the top and you rock the shz out of blazers... so "Justine" :)

  2. Bummer about the coupon. You did look damn cute though. I love the blush blazer with that tank.

  3. amber's notebookMay 9, 2010 at 12:59 PM

    SO CUTE JUSTINE! ILOVE THIS LOOK, BLAzers are some of my favorite things to wear.

  4. Great casual outfit.
    I was in process of doing that survey for Intermix and then I read reviews about all of the strings. I said forget it, lol. Too bad, but good for our wallets, right?

  5. I love that blazer - I have a similar version from them in tan/beige and I like it so much that I think I need to go back for more. That blush color is gorgeous - and nothing looks more put-together yet cas than a blazer with jeans.

  6. Aww I'm so glad you got your blazer!! And dang I wish I had seen that Geren Ford top. I came out of that coupon empty-handed.