Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OOTD: pretty pastels.

First thing's first: Thanks to a helpful reminder from Ms. EHayes, who knew I've been thinking about getting a pair of J Brand Lovestorys, I stalked the J Brand Gilt sale this morning and clicked CHECK OUT as soon as the size 27 in Falcon dark wash could make it in my cart. Done! I'm excited to try them, although I'm a tad worried since I've only ever owned the pencil leg in Ink (which I did not like because the denim was super stiff). But for the price ($59, woah), I had to get them while I could. I'll for sure do a review when they come, which is looking like it might be as much as one month from now (sucky sample sale turnaround). Yippee, hooray!

I've been really good about outfit posts lately, and I think it's partially because I don't have all that much else to blog about. I've done a lot of shopping recently, including uber-crazy house shopping, so wish-lists seem a bit excessive at the moment. I'm sure the shopping bug will hit full-force again soon, but right now I have a "content-ness" with my closet, which is a rare inner peace for me. Heh. So, if anyone would like to see something on my blog-- whether it be style requests, how-to's on trends, what have you-- shout it out now. Otherwise, I'm going to stay un-creative and post more pictures of me, me, me. Sorry. :)

Top: DvF silk blouse in Budding Roses (still available here)
Jacket: Zara basics blazer in blush
Jeans: Rich and Skinny Sleek jeans in black wash (same style here, on sale)
Shoes: JS Cedary sandals
Necklace: Anthro's Stormy Seas necklace in amber colorway

Frankly? It's way to effin' hot in Dallas to seriously wear this, but my office is always way too cold (I have a space heater on daily), so it's ok for work. This pastel color combo is a little strange at first... the yellow, pink, teal and amber-orange I've got goin' on seems a bit much, but it then tends to blend together a bit to create a more cohesive look, probably because of the lightness of the palate. And I think I like it. I really think that necklace could go with just about every color because it tends to take on whatever is underneath it nicely. Plus, it's that blazer. I heart it and would wear it with a paper bag under it if I had to. :)  Hey, I told you I would find a way to fit the sleeves of this blouse under it! Heh.


  1. SUPER cute outfit! Can I just mention how STEAMING mad I am that Zara doesn't have an online store? There isn't one here and I want this pretty pretty blazer for myself! Consider me jealous. Anyway, again love the outfit! You're an inspriation!

  2. Thank you, doll! If you want me to scout out that blazer, just shoot me an email, I'll be happy to help. :)

  3. That blazer is so great! Love it! I just got an awesome blazer too from Madewell, a little bit more casual but it's perfect.
    Hee hee, I used to wear blazers and sweaters in Texas too when I live there in the middle of the summer. I mean, it's so hot but all the buildings keep the AC so high, I was always freezing.

  4. I've been feeling much the same way too on my blog. Mostly because I'm too busy to write much more, bleff. I love how you are rocking your pink blazer, and I cannot WAIT to see the results of your home item purchases!

  5. Yay! So happy you scored the jeans, they will be perfect on your long lean legs :)

    Love the whole multi-color outfit... the necklace and top are sooo perfect together!

  6. amber's notebookMay 26, 2010 at 7:24 PM

    So cute! You are going to the LOVE the Love stories! I would love to wear them but my High hips and butt make the high waisted a much better choice for me. Funny thing is, the high waist fits me pretty much like regular jeans. In any case I think the silhouette of those jeans are SO flattering I know you look amazing in them!

  7. amber's notebookMay 26, 2010 at 7:24 PM

    oh I got so caught up on the jeans I forgot to tell you how cute you look! You have inspired me to bust that necklace back out!

  8. Lol, thanks Amber! You're cute :) and yeah, it's def a fun necklace to
    play around with!

  9. I'm in love with this outfit. It's nice, casual, and chic. The DvF top adds a nice pop with the yellow and those jeans fit you wonderfully!