Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Bazaar Inspiration

I've sung the praises of Harper's Bazaar before, but I thought I would share some of my bad/dark iPhone pics of what's really inspired me from the past two issues (sorry, it's what I got!). Inspiration does come from everywhere, but sometimes it's just nice to be totally concrete and have it all laid out for you. Thanks, Bazaar, for keeping me on my stylish-toes. :)

(Although the skirt I have is grey and white striped, it gave me such a great idea! Wonder why I didn't think of it. :) )

(Ladies, THIS is how you do socks + heels: keep the colors neutral and generally the same tone.)

(I love the colors and especially love the shape. Unfortunately, I don't have the items to recreate this, but I may work on it!)

(Here, I loved the khaki + striped tee combo. It borders preppy chic but still maintains an edginess that I love.)

(I got excited about this one because I have a very similar top and very similar skirt... although this look does need to wait until the Fall, I think.)

(SJP can do no wrong... hehe. Love the white blazer with the feminine dress~~ hearts.)

(I still haven't gotten those harem pants tailored, but when I do, I want to wear it like that [center photo]. So chic!)

(I really want to try the military shirt worn as jacket look but have to find the right piece. Balmain is out of the question. Sigh.)

(Eeeepp! Love the florals plus a beige summer suit. Chic and elegant, totes.)

(This is much like what I've been doing lately with the jeans and blazer look-- a great flowy silky top underneath to add some girliness and elegance. Love it, Penelope!)

(This was an ad! Ha... but I'm pretty sure I've worn this outfit a million times already, so I thought it was fun to include. Jeans, bf blazer, white tee, multichain necklace= perfection in casualness.)

So what's your fave look? And what other mags do you go to for inspiration?


  1. gosh i love blazers! I really need to invest in one :)

  2. I am not good at picking up Harper's Bazaar. I want everything can afford 1 or 2 things. It tends to influence me to max out a credit card.