Thursday, May 13, 2010

OOTD: Inspector gadget.

(Who else loved that show? Penny was my fave... she was so smart! :) )

I've been so busy around here, lovies. I wish I could say it's been some big preparation for the blog, but unfortunately it has nothing to do with the blog. First, I was sick, which made me a zombie to the world, then I my immune system found its way back to me, and then things got busy. House-buying busy... yay! We're in closing right now on a townhouse, and I'm thrilled. But it always seems good news comes with a bad side, and the bad side is the inspection (which occurred this morning) didn't quite go to plan. We need to call in a structural engineer (the big-wigs) to investigate some foundation issues. Great... anyone with home experience knows foundation issues are analogous to car transmission issues-- the biggest, baddest and (typically) most expensive concerns. If the issues are bad enough, we may have to walk away. Boo. But I'm hoping for the best... and hopefully, my evenings will be mine again some time soon. So I can come back to you, my readers, and give you what you want: more gratuitous photos of moi. (Ha!)

This afternoon found me a few hours to mess around with some outfits, so I've stockpiled some dress up sessions for some OOTDs to come. Which means, like it has been recently, most of the outfits seen will be not really OOTDs, but some version of what I want to wear... I promise to get back to regularly scheduled programming soon.  Promise.

(I'm really Anthro'ed out today! By the way, I do love this top, and it looks very cute with my white shorts, too!!)
Top: Anthropologie Nexus Top
Jacket: Anthropologie Immutable Jacket
Jeans: Hudson signature bootcuts
Shoes: Madden Girl
Bracelets: courtesy Maria! thanks, girl.
Earrings: dunno. Sorry.

And as a little update: the Rebecca Minkoff pants went back to Shopbop for someone else to buy... sigh. I think I liked them more than many of you (and I still think the fit was pretty good-- I actually like pleats and think I can pull them off), but the heart of the matter was that I just know I wouldn't wear them. I know I'd just end up reaching for my jeans or a skirt instead. Old habits die hard!


  1. sucks about the inspection crap... fingers crossed its a not a biggie!

    cute outfit, you should totally submit it to Kim for Reader Outfits!... I think the structured, darker, polished look will be a nice change up from the usual color and whimsical stuff she gets (which I completely love, but variety is the spice of life, no?)

  2. Justine - you look so freakin' cute today!! I already wanted the Nexus Top, but it's so lovely on you, I want it even more now! I agree with E Hayes - you should send this to me for reader outfits ;-)

    I hope everything works out with your house - I'll be wishing you good vibes. I'm glad you're feeling better - I'm sick now :-(

  3. Um, I LOVE that top on you. It's so pretty and chic. I think I need it. What size did you take in it?

    And my little heart goes out to you (re: foundation issues)...that sucks may-jorly. Hope it all works out, love!

  4. Sorry to hear about the inspection frustration, but that outfit is ADORABLE. One of my favorites that you've posted for sure! That tank is too cute.

  5. Yay! You should get it! It's an xs and fits tts, I'd say. :)

  6. Maybe i will, then! Hehe.... And feel better, doll!!! I know it sucks
    being sick.

  7. Sorry to hear about the house inspection. In a way it was a good thing that the inspection showed those problems so if it's really bad, then like you said, you can just walk away. But let's hope for the best.
    I have to say that I really like the Nexus top. And I can see that the Immutable jacket is becoming your favorite!

  8. Aww darn about the pants. And the house inspection, for that matter!!

    I love this tank on you. Can't wait to see it in summery outfits.

  9. The Pretty PauperMay 13, 2010 at 11:54 PM

    Justine- I hope everything works out with the house! We went through that too, but if its meant to be it will happen :)

    This outfit is adorable! I've been wanting to try on this top for a while.

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Feel free to follow my blog :)

  10. All the Small ThingsMay 15, 2010 at 6:32 PM

    Love this outfit! So cute and can be worn to some many different places!