Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Check it out now.

Check it, readers:

1. Ya'll know IFB, right? And Jennine? She's pretty fab. Cool news= she and Shopbop (one of my sponsors) teamed up on a cool new blogging project on denim called Eat Sleep Denim. Jennine heads up the blog and reviews all sorts of new and tried&true styles of jeans. I personally find this quite serendipitous, because I'm in the market for a new pair. I've been eyeing my standby, Hudson, but I'm a sucker for a new cult brand, so I may check out something wacky. Thank goodness Jennine is here to help us out on the denim front. Please go check her out!

2. Speaking of the loverley Shopbop, they're pretty excited (and frankly, so am I!) about a few new designers they've included in their offerings. Here are my fave brands they've added and some pretty picks...

-- I totally agree that some celebs should never try designing a line (ahem, LO-HO), but many have hit the mark. Nicole Richie and her new Winter Kate line is a great example. Of course, Ms. Richie is no newbie to the designing-scene--House of Harlow is a major hit among many for the fun and boho accessories. Since silk/chiffon is one of my favorite fabrics to wear (next to pure cotton), her line totally appeals to me. Plus, it's flouncy and flowy (another of my faves!). Here's what I love...

Winter Kate Ginger Cardigan

-- Soft Joie is a line launched by (DUH) Joie this spring, so it's very new on the scene but boasts quite a backing with Joie. The line describes its aesthetic as "southern-Cali style," and rightfully so. The basics are perfect layering pieces for us "more-is-more" kind of gals, or stand up on their own with a few nice accessories and a pair of jeans. However you wear it, you can't go wrong. I'm totally eying these:

Soft Joie Theo Long Dress (helllooo Greek goddess!)

Soft Joie Mesa Top

-- I have heard of Halston before, but only through 70's lore: the brand was quite the retro staple for the uber-trendy. Looks like Halston has been reinterpreted through Halston Heritage, which obviously pays homage to 70's and 80's chic. I love the bright colors and the big, bold prints! I need these, stat:

Halston Heritage Double Knot Top

Halston Heritage Tie Front Romper

Halston Heritage Side Shirred Day Dress

3. (Not really something to "check," but needed to be included in my list anyway:) I recently got a request to style my black romper for summer, since the last time I posted an outfit with it was back in the winter. Soooo, reader request, never fear! I'll get on that this week, promise.

I'll be back later this afternoon/evening with some pics of my Rebecca Minkoff Helmut pants, which are causing a crisis of faith (<-- hyperbolic). I need some reader-bloggie-help in deciding to keep them or not. Until then, bloggies...


  1. im loving the cardigan!!! <3

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I'm loving Winter Kate, and I agree with you on wearing silk/chiffon. So dreamy against the skin!

  3. Love the first dress! You have a great blog. So glad I found it.


  4. Thank you, Marcie!!

  5. thank you so much for the lovely shout-out! i've been eyeing that mesa top for a while now, might have to get it! :)

  6. Of course, girl! Excited to keep reading the blog, keep up the great work.
    New item from *Jennine* on Fetching Fashions: Check it out