Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Feeling Better Wishlist

Thanks for baring with me, folks! My little immune system took a hiatus, but I'm hoping it's back to it's old and strong ways for some time now. Last night was the first real meal I had eaten since Tuesday night. Ugh.

I promise I'll be back to some OOTD posts later this weekend and continuing through the week. But I thought I'd take this time to share some wishlist ideas, since it's been a while. Hmmm?? What's that, readers? You don't care what I want to buy and the things I'll only be dreaming about and the things that send a line of droll down my chin (eww)? Well too bad!


(p.s. I'm hoping some of you received the same email I did last night that really put a smile on my face-- take a 10-minute survey for Intermix and get a $150 gift certificate. Yes... you heard right. 10 minutes for $150. Here are some of the things I'll be shopping today...)

(SAD EDIT: I thought there would be a catch to that deal-- the SA at Intermix informed me it's on designer only, aka the stuff I definitely can't afford. That's ok-- I washed away my sorrows in Neiman's Presale... which, by the way, was amaaaaazing! Go check it out if you have one! As for me, I got a very pretty Robbi and Nikki top that I can pick up on Wednesday.)

(This is #1 on my wishlist right now and you better believe that if they have my size, I'm coming home with this baby today. Perfect minimalistic style to go with anything, and the fabric is divine)

(Will never get sick of these pretty, silky, flowy shorts!)

(Flowers are obvi on trend at the moment, and I like the wearability of this. Bright and bold, but still a comfortable tee shirt material)

(Reminiscent of animal print? 'Nuff said, mmmhhmmm.)

Aaaaand some Shopbop thrown in there too... just because I like to dream.

(Oh A+O, how long will you sit in my wishlist un-bought? This is a crime because I lurve you and need you in my life and you would be perfect with my blush blazer. sigh.)

(I love that hem! and the flowy!)

(the colors! Oh, Rory.)

(Don't know if any of you own a Tucker blouse or have actually seen one, but I swear to god they are even prettier in person than online. I am on a serious blouse kick!)

I shall report back later on and let you know what I come home with. Oh, and hopefully take some pics of what I'm wearing today, which is one of the items from my recent Shopbop Friends and Family loot. Just remember these two words: Tiger. Ikat. (perfect.)


  1. You're right. That first blouse is amazing. You need it!

  2. I wish I'd received that survey! Congratulations to you, and I'm glad you're on the mend. I love that Tucker blouse although I have not seen it offline.

  3. everything is soooo lovely, can't wait to see your post once you get them!!

  4. Hope you're feeling better. How can I get hooked up with these surveys? Thanks for any help!