Thursday, May 20, 2010

OOTD: The easy-peasy pant.

Those of you who read yesterday heard that I found the easy pant I've been looking for! Yippee hooray! You'll remember the fit issues with the Lulu's pants and the resounding distaste for the RM Helmut pant (which, thank you for the honest feedback because it really looks like no one found them attractive on me!)... but I think I've done it. Yes-- found the properly-fitting, nicely tailored, comfy-womfy easy pant! Eeesssh... more like difficult-to-look-decent pant.

This pair really does look great with a large number of items in my closet. I was afraid because of it's slightly voluminous nature that it wouldn't work with looser tops, but I think it still works just fine. Needless to say, I totes recommend these pants. They're TTS, by the way.

(ooops. Tripod and user error-- no head.)
 Top: F21 flowers and ruffles tank
Cardigan: Frenchi cardigan (I love this soooo much)
Shoes: Steve Madden Tristano
Belt: F21 bow belt

I also styled them with my Zara blazer, another cardigan, some tanks, some silk blouses... doesn't matter. Looked great. I'll be sure and post some more ways to wear them at a later date in time. So what do you think? Have I finally found the pants to save me from my never-ending search? Can my soul finally rest in peace!?  :)


  1. amber's notebookMay 20, 2010 at 9:14 AM

    Super cute JUstine!! I love that third picture of you! You lok so happy and pretty!

  2. I definitely think these pants are better style/cut/price than the RM. Nice job :) While they are still out of my comfort zone, you're rocking them and they look great on you!

  3. Oh cute! I think that these are super flattering and I love the styling...!

  4. Yes, those pants are perfect. Much better and more versatile than the other ones.
    Love them on you and they fit you so well.

  5. So cute! The pants with that cardi and that Forever 21 blouse? Effortlessly flawless.

  6. OMG Justine - not sure if you watch the Today Show (or if it plays in a delayed feed in tx - its 830am here) but Cameron Diaz is on and she is wearing a "Justine" outfit seriously - like she must stalk your blog haha... the pants are just like the ones you bought and of course she topped it with a blazer, you have to check it out!

  7. Lol!! I don't watch it but I'm going to try and google search it this
    afternoon. Thanks, lady! (and if I'm inspiring Ms. Diaz then my job is done.
    :-P )

  8. Found the clip

    and for what its worth, I do have a job haha, I just leave later on Fridays because traffic is a joke. I swear I don't just sit around watching stars on morning shows comparing their style to bloggers.... or do i???

  9. These pants look better on you than the Nordstrom model.