Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Memorial Day weekend in photos (sorta)

Hope everyone had a very nice Memorial Day weekend and celebrated accordingly. :)  Me? I had a blast, and I even took a few photos from our journey to Gruene, as promised. Nothing exciting... just a little flavor of our day-trip...
Ok, this isn't Gruene, this is West, Texas, home of the yummiest kolaches in Texas. This place is in nowheresville right off I-35, but everyone who road-trips down to central Texas should be well aware of this eponymous stop.

Just a few shots of the Bier Garten in Gruene, at which we consumed some tasty bevvies, including this here Bellini (which was delicious!) :

Gotta love this: the floors of Gruene Hall are patched with old 70's Texas license plates... and p.s. this pool table has an obvious slant to the right. It's ok, you play with the slant :) 

Lone Star beer! Prolly only found in Texas, since... umm... it's not the best. But I like it.

The other pool time we enjoyed... 

What's a visit to central Texas without some good ole' Texas cuisine? The Gristmill may be really touristy, but the chicken fried steak sure is yummy. Anyone out there not sure what this is? I remember my first chicken fried steak experience when I moved to Dallas many moons ago. :) Also, the side dish was called "Gruene" beans. hehe.

As for Sunday... well, no pictures from Sunday. I spent most of that day in the pool in a martini/sangria-induced-coma. A nice way to spend it, I'd say! :)  My sunburn would probably argue otherwise. Youchers. (positive side: the 3/4ths Italian in me will cause me to brown up in a day or two, so I really shouldn't complain here.)


  1. Oh lady, you had an amazing weekend! So fun!

  2. Wow, your trip was amazing! The food looks yummy, I loved chicken fried stakes :)

  3. So glad to see my place up there and that you guys had fun. I can totally see the sangria coma. I have them often! Oh and don't diss lone star after a few it tastes like the best beer ever!


  4. Sounds like you had a fun, relaxing weekend!

  5. Im not dissin'! I totally love it... but my friend had a sip and was done,
    so I traded him for my Dos Equis... it's an acquired taste for sure, haha.

  6. YUM. I love food pictures. I will have to plan a trip to or through Texas in the near future to experience this grub.