Friday, July 2, 2010

Track Pants Trend

Despite my frustration with fall arriving in the fashion world right when I'm gearing up for sunshine and barbeques, I couldn't help but notice a new trend for fall this morning and yesterday morning-- the track pant. Both Shopbop and Net-A-Porter are suggesting to wear these previously-gym-bound-babies with heels and a pretty shirt (or even simple jersey knit). Here's my quick take-- the same rules that apply to the easy pant apply to the track pant. In fact, I have a feeling the track pant will be taking over for the easy pant come cooler weather.

Honestly? I find myself liking them (go figure). However, there is a fine line between going to the gym and going on a date, so let's review, shall we?

1. Keep it tailored. Juuuust like the easy pant, there needs to be some structure to this look. A blazer with strong shoulders, a cinched in jacket-- anything with obvious lines and some fitted aspects will do.

(Rag and Bone, Fall '10-- they got it down!)

2. Play off the opposites. To make it fun, pair the casual pants with a dressy top. Lace, velvet, brocade, even fur! (all very cold-weather appropriate) would be a great contrast to the relaxed nature of the pants.

(Photo from Mint Velvet)

3. Keep it simple. Although I've seen celebrity iterations of the look with lots-o-layers and fun baubles, for the mainstreamer, it's better to just keep it streamlined. Plus, it's never a great idea to overwhelm a new trend-- you run the risk of looking like a bag lady. Or just plain crazy. (Unless that's what your going for, then...)

(Photo from

4. (Net-A-Porter says...) Wear heels! I agree with this in general, because flats or sandals might give off too much of the casual vibe. Then again, I bet some fun gladiators would work, too. It all depends on everything else worn with them.
Other tips or tricks: wear them with a cute bag; choose pants with tapered legs; dare to go edgy; buy them in a neutral hue (grey, black or beige).

So, can you see yourself converting your gym wear to your evening wear? Is this more do-able than the easy pant?


  1. ohh justine, this is why I love you! cleary this is too risky for my style, the only track pants I'll be wearing this fall/winter will be paired with uggs and hoodie while taking the puppies out before the sun rises and the neighbors can see me :)

    have to say though, i'm excited to see you pull them off... i know you will :)

  2. I've been seeing these in stores EVERYWHERE! Frankly, I'm a little frightened. But I bet you're right about them being huge in the fall.

  3. I bought a pair of pants at J Crew that I couldn't decide if they were lounge pants or a sweatpant type pants. I wore them out on Saturday and the bf said he didn't care for them (didn't flatter my body, I did have some saginess going). After looking in the mirror I decided they should be lounge pants.
    I love the casualness of this look and will definitely be trying out this trend, but I agree they need to be tailored and look much better with heels.