Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fall Checklist.

If you can't already tell, I'm starting to warm... errr, cool? to the idea of fall. Its so hard when you start seeing the pretty colors and luxe fabrics the cooler months bring! So, as I do biannually, I find myself creating a loose list of what sorts of things I'll be buying in an effort to nail down some sort of style aesthetic for this half of the year. Here it is so far.

1. Olive green.

I don't care if I end up with a jacket, sweater, pants or top in this color as long as I own it. I have been drooling over the moss and army green shades I've been seeing and know it will be a big color for the fall/winter seasons. This J Crew silk jacket is very, very high on my wishlist right now, though! (Why must it be more than $100... why?!)

2. Blazers.

This is no shocker, people. My love for blazers and structured jackets is nothing new. But this season, since school will be in the picture, I plan on really getting some versatile blazers to mix and match with different tops and dresses. I love the vintage-like print on this one from Topshop! So fun.

3. OTK boots.

I've been talking about these since last year, yes I know. But I really love the look. The problem is the price. I don't want a leg full of pleather (teeters on trashy...), but the leather boots are a little hard to swallow. These Boutique 9's are perfect, but I will have to save my money!

4. Leopard.

Again, this is nothing new. I heart animal prints way more than I should. But I'm thinking I need some leopard booties as the quintessential expression of the fall leopard trend. *Dreams.*

5. Comfortable sweaters.

Duh. I mean, this is on everyone's wishlist, right? But I'm talking luxe, thick sweaters to be layered with and cozied up to. Very much like this cabin sweater by Anthro. Sigh.

6. Et Cetera.

This includes: cargo pants; a trench coat; clogs; lace up/peeptoe boots/booties, and so on. These are more wishlisted than needs, but should be included nonetheless. I'm organized here, people. :) 

What's on your must-have list for Fall 2010?


  1. That Anthro cardigan has stolen my heart this morning! And I too have a thing for olive green in the fall ... it's just something about that crisp color that does me in! Love the list!

  2. LOL, I am so with you on everything! Olive Green is my "power color", lol, so I am stoked it's so big for Fall. I may also cave and get some OTK boots this year, they are so hot.

  3. I am loving that JCrew jacket too! I have blazers in my wish list as well for the Fall. Maybe we will look for blazers this coming weekend!

  4. Yes, for sure! I will be on the lookout for some blazers on our trip. and that J Crew safari jacket! hehe

  5. leopard print booties need to happen this fall for me too, and i love that sweater!! looks so cozy

  6. I can totally see you rocking those leopard booties! The J.Crew jacket is cute, too. This fall, I'm on the search for the perfect skinny pants and layering items. I layer because I love fall, but I don't want to let go of summer either! Have fun in DC! I grew up in Virginia, so please visit Georgetown and Tyson's Corner for me.

  7. Omgosh I haven't seen that J. Crew jacket, but it really is to die for! This list really has me wishing for fall weather so I can wear all of these things!

  8. I also want something olive, preferably an army jacket. I'm also totally into blazers!! I just got an adorable one with a little cresent on it. Love them...

  9. Great list, Justine! I actually snapped up the J Crew silk blazer and it is amaaaaazing. I'll have a review up either later today or tomorrow on it.

    So happy that olive green is "in" for fall- it's one of my favorite colors, and I already have lots of it in my wardrobe. And super excited about all of the animal print I've been seeing in pre-fall collections. Possibly looking like a bad, tacky, housewife be damned- I love a good leopard print, mmmhm.