Friday, July 16, 2010

Shifting into fall...

It's a huge dilemma, people: do I fall into fall in the middle of July? Or do I hold out?

I think the problem is twofold: 1. There are so many cute new fall items out there. 2. I will not be able to wear said cute items for probably another 4 months. Sad story, but true for us Southerners. However, if I will be shopping, I ought to be shopping fall since my summer closet is pretty filled to the brim.

With these considerations in mind, I will trek to my local Nordstrom today to see what I can see of the Anniversary sale. Here's what I'll be shopping (lest the 106 degree temps make me faint):

Sanctuary Peace cargos, on sale for $78.90 (and believe you me, that ugly belt will be promptly removed.)

Lily White Banded Skirt, on sale for $17.90 (!)

Nick and Mo Ruffle Jacket, on sale for $39.90 (I am a little worried I'll be sized out of this.)

Hue Cords leggings, on sale for $21.90 (looks cozy!)

And, because Shopbop is like crack, I also bought this pretty little fall piece last night:


  1. Yay! glad you pulled trigger on A+O.... also I'm telling you, the sanctuary's are super comfy and soft, you'll love.

    Def get that skirt, <$20 and duh, you could summerfy it! and ps, totally forgot to tell you, the cord leggings left me underwhelmed... I didn't like how they felt. I didn't try them on, but something just seems really cheap about them to me :(

  2. Sad about the leggings! Ill try them just in case, but I dont feel like I need them anyway. Im more excited about the pants and that cute jacket-- hopefully it will fit! That skirt reminds me of an anthro one they had a while back, but the ruching was on the side and not the front... remember?

  3. Yeah, I think they would prob look ok on, but I didn't like the way they felt when I touched them... weird?

    Yes, I know the skirt your talking abuot, but you'll have to ask Kim for the name... I normally brush over the skirt and dress sections ;)

  4. I too, am headed to Nordies today! And it is quite the dilemma considering it is going to be 104 here today! I know it will be hard to shop for fall when I'm sweating to death in heat that is going to stick around until November ;) Happy shopping!

  5. I love the fall items that are out there!! I want to hit up a Nordies today too. I'd love that skirt and maybe a cardigan or two :)

    The wrap cardi is gorgeous!!

  6. I'm so jealous of all you ladies hitting up Nordies for the sale today ... my lil' city doesn't have one. Boo. Such cute things!! Hope ya'll get some good deals! :)

  7. Mandy: shop online! I know the shipping isnt free, but there are some
    goodies too good to pass up. :)

  8. That wrap around cardigan looks soooo cozy and soft!!!

  9. That A+O cardi is ahmazing. Did you check out Nordies in store yet?

  10. I am completely in love with the A+O cardie - and thankfully it is winter in the southern hemisphere!! Wooo hooo - gotta love online shopping!

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