Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shifting into fall: RESULTS.

Fetching Fashions here to report on the Nordstrom Ann'y Sale! :)

First, my take on the things I was shopping yesterday:

The Sanctuary cargos: Although some seem to really like these, I'm still on the fence. I just think they're not very "me" despite the fact that they're a trend. Plus, they didn't seem to fit me right. The material was nice but I was hoping for something a bit softer. I'm still contemplating getting the real thing, but with my doubts about them being my style, not sure it's the best idea. Skipped.

The Lily White banded skirt: very cute, but definitely an $18 skirt if you catch my drift. Something F21 may have sold. I feel like it was pretty every-day and not all that special. Granted, it is only $18, but I passed for now. I may change my mind and get it, but with all the other things I'm saving for, I just don't think I need this skirt.

Nick and Mo jacket: not sold in my store. Argh. I was really looking forward to seeing this one!

HUE corduroy leggings: As I was walking up to the rack of leggings, a cute little sales girl came up and told me to act fast because they were already almost sold out. Hmm, ok. I tried these on in the greyish color and really like them. I understand why they're selling! They are soft and somewhat thick, definitely reserved for cooler months. I think they'll go well with lots of things in my closet and will be perfect for wearing to class and lounging about. Plus, only $22. Purchased.

Things I spotted but didn't talk about:

Halogen Olivia boots: I did not try these babies on, but I thought they were really nice. A simple, black boot. Something I really should purchase sooner than later. Unfortunately, the idea of wearing boots right now makes me feel ill (literally-- this heat is making me nauseous!) so I couldn't bring myself to buy.

REPORT Monroe boots: So pretty. I thought these were nice in every color. Very versatile and great price at $109. I would recommend... but again, see comment above re: feeling ill thinking about them. Sigh.

Seventy Two Changes Boxy tee: Something I completely overlooked online and thought nothing of, until the nice SA snuck it in to my fitting room while I was trying other things. Funny thing, I didn't get anything I brought in and instead left with this on her suggestion! Thanks, Nordies SA! :) Its just so nice and comfortable-- it's a super-soft jersey and has nice little pyramid studs on it. It was so cute with my J Brands and Topshop necklace (thanks, T, who recently visited Brighton, England!) that I had to buy it. Impulse much?

Also tried on the Patterson J Kincaid harem pants and liked them, but wasn't sure if I looked like I dropped a load in them or not. Passed.

In other shopping news, I went a searchin' for this pretty cardigan that Chloe featured on her shopping blog and didn't find it. Curse you, Dallas retail buyers who aren't getting sweaters because it's hot as bejeezus here! But it's high on my wishlist for sure!

How did ya'll fare at the Ann'y sale??


  1. I am also interested in the Nick and Mo jacket. I think that Boxy tee you got it's awesome and I have been looking for something like that.
    I really want to go and check out the sale, but honestly, it is so hot right now, I am feeling like I do not want to start thinking about the Fall though it is my favorite season.

  2. Love that you purchased the items the SA recommended :) They really know what they're doing there at Nordys! Love the boxy top...

  3. I also looked for the Nick and Mo little ruffle jacket and my store didn't have it either. In fact, the salesgirl told me that my entire region doesn't carry it! I was very sad about that, but I did manage to buy a great fitting tweed jacket by Halogen that I am really excited to wear come Fall. It sounds like we both did ok at the sale ;)

  4. Lisa - respect the shoesJuly 17, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    I am trying to be good and NOT go to the sale - because what started out yesterday as a perusal through the site to ID some goodies turned into a crazed search for Uggs (of all things!) ... and three pairs of shoes later, my card is retired for the weekend.

  5. The Coastal ChicsterJuly 18, 2010 at 7:01 AM

    I went to Nordstrom yesterday - I drove up to New Jersey this weekend to shop the sale at my parents house because the one in Norfolk, VA carries like...a quarter of the stuff that the one up here has. I saw the Nick and Mo jacket, and honestly? I don't think you're missing out. It was like a ruffly terry/sweatshirt material, and I thought the way the ruffles were fraying at the ends looked kind of messy and a little cheap. It's machine washable, and I have a feeling that after you washed it, the edges would curl up like cutoff sweatpants and never look the same - catch my drift? :) I hope that helps and doesn't insult anyone. Haha.

    I did great at the sale! I'll post my buys on my blog later. :) Three cardigans, a pair of grey straight leg jeans and a white Trina Turk dress - not Anniversary Sale, just regular sale. And I talked myself out of the Nanette Lepore World Tour Top, which would have totally blown my whole budget out of the water. :)