Monday, July 12, 2010

Conclusions to Which I've Come.

...Some good, some not-so-good.

1. Having a house means you're a grownup. There is no way around it. It also apparently means handymen knock on your door Sunday morning without warning to fix the crack in your ceiling and put the varnish on the door. And you'll inevitably be in your PJs still and not fully awake and trying to remember the Spanish that you haven't studied since 4th grade. "Coma estas, Mr. Handyman? Ummm... uhhh, el sol es brillo, no?"

2. Fall is coming, no matter how much I want to pretend it's not. Well, ok. So there are several months left for wearing tees and shorts, but in the world of fashion, there's no escaping it. The only good thing about this is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But once that's over, I swear! I'll be hating fall again! Promise!

3. (Although this is seriously making me want to change my mind. But I'm holding tight to my summer! Damnit!)

4. T-minus 18 days until my uber-girly weekend in DC, during which time I will gorge on good food, good shopping, and good cupcakeries. (Wahoo!)

5. This makes me even more sad that the shorts died over the holiday weekend. I miss them! (But, thanks to Meggy for the shout-out!! Totally flattering.)

6. Cheese made of 75% butterfat is the equivalent of heaven on earth. Fo'realz. (you can get it at the grocery store, too!)

EDIT: I also want to draw quick attention over to my sidebar and show you a new addition: Until the end of the month, you can get 10% off your order at eShakti by using code fetchingfashions123 !! :) Also, don't forget, the code for 15% off at Selfish Style should still work, too. (Let me know if it doesn't!) 

Happy Monday!


  1. HAHA OMG Number One ... That has happened to me, like, three times within the past two weeks. I'm in bed and hear this loud banging on the door only to find myself in my pj's with a robe face to face with a dude who barely speaks the same language ... good times. Hopefully it will all be over soon, girl!

  2. haha - I'm sorry about your shorts and me reminding you! Did Shopbop help you out and let you return/exchange/refund you?? They were/are super cute...

  3. lol... it's ok. At least I can remember them. :) And yes, Shopbop was great, as usual. Already have the credit in my account, ready to get a replacement! teehee.

  4. Dude, right?! So jarring on a Sunday morning, haha. Oh well, at least the crack and door are repaired! :)

  5. Such a bummer about those shorts- I hate it when something rips or breaks, especially on an item that was expensive. I recently had the same thing happen with a dress (the strap snapped off during my first wearing- I've never seen anything like it!), and ugh. Makes you think twice about buying from the brand again. :(

    I've been waiting waiting waiting for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. And I've been already grabbing pre-fall items and wanting to wear them. The way I go with my short attention span and lack of impulse control, I'm predicting that I'll be ready for summer again by the time December rolls around...

  6. So bad about those shorts. I really liked them on you. But good thing that Shopbop was so wonderful and gave you a credit. And I am so excited about your trip to DC, lots of girlie time is what we all need.

  7. I'm totally not wanting fall anytime soon. It seems like summer just started! Although I do love the fall fashions. I mean, really, who doesn't love a little shopping :)