Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Outfit: from the archives, part 1.

Nope, no "OOTD" (and none for possibly the next couple of days). This is for two reasons:

1. I have an odd shark-like sunburn right now, despite my frequent turning-and-basting techniques this weekend. I do hope to remedy this with time and a less martini/sangria filled brain this Saturday. (it's really not all that bad, but I'm still too scared to see what my stupid camera will make my skin tone look like until I have a day or two to even out.)

2. I have some archived photos and this sunburn/weekend come-down has been leaving me wearing my comfiest skirts, dresses and tee shirts. My current outfits aren't really fodder for a fashion blog... so the archives, it is!

Plus, hey... I like this outfit. It's a little weird, because I'm kinda-sorta wearing a cardigan as a shirt (gasp!). This is not a new trick, people, but I'm not usually a cardi gal and don't tend to incorporate them much into the wardrobe. That is, until I discovered the two I recently got at Nordies about a week ago. I love the grey one I wore here because it just seems to fit so well, and the color of this one is just so purrrrdy. It's like hydrangea or something. Not sure I even really know what color a hydrangea is, but I assume it's a pretty purplish-pink like this cardigan. Yep. Aaaaanywho.

Tee: Old Navy black tee
Cardigan: Nordstrom BP 3/4 sleeve cardigan (on sale!)
Skirt: Babooshka Boutique (ohhhh Etsy.)
Belt: F21 bow belt
Shoes: Liliana Bardor pumps
Necklace: Simply Vera Vera Wang

I think I may try this with the cardigan closed for a cleaner look, too. The thing about this skirt is that the paper bag style of it bans me from any sort of longer cardigan over it (or else there are weird bumps). Which, you'd think was OK living in Texas, but nooooo. Air conditioned buildings are brutal, and if you're wearing something that's not sweater or blazer-able, then you're bound to freeze the tush off ya. This was my solution, and it's perfect because the color is almost the exact color of the flowers in the skirt. (The hydrangeas? No, ok, they're some sort of pink daisy hybrid, whatevs.) This, of course, made me love this damn cardigan even more. Ooouff. Ohhh and do you see the pockets? Love the pockets! 
(p.s.... I am quite aware I need to change up my poses. I'm getting a little bored with this inverted right toe thing. I'll get on that, stat.)


  1. Omg that skirt is too cute and I love that color on you!!

  2. Love that skirt, it looks darling on you!

  3. That skirt is just precious on you! The colors, the cut - all lovely!

  4. WOW, that is a lovely skirt and you carry it beautifully.
    I tried a similar one one this weekend and I looked like a potato sack :(