Monday, June 14, 2010

OOTD: Blardigans and corsets.

Thanks to EHayes, "blardigan" is my new word for this cardigan that is reminiscent of a blazer because of the cool lapel. I broke down this weekend and bought another in a very light heather blue, which matches perfectly to the blue color in my Geren Ford tiger ikat tank. (It was in part an effort to style that pretty tank with something else besides the color blush and some jeans... outfit to come later.)

And this corset hasn't been worn all that much since I bought it, because frankly it is quite tight and restricts my posture... which is slumpy. 'N I like it that way. :-P  *Schlump* But the colors on it are simply gorgeous. Love it.

 Corset: French Connection bustier top in China Rose
Sweater, aka Blardigan: Nordstrom (Frenchi) cardigan
Pants: Nordstrom (Hinge) silk pants
Shoes: MICHAEL Michael Kors cage sandals
Earrings: Francesa's Boutique

Quick shout out to Linda of Little Tin Soldier, who not only has a very cute blog, but created the pretty new header you see above. Isn't the little paper doll she drew of me adorable?! She's super talented and definitely fashionable, so go check her out. And Linda...  THANK YOU! I love it. :)

**Quick question to any of you who know HTML: Does anyone know how to use the Blogger "page" widget (like I have above) but make the navigation bar icons (jpegs) rather than just words? Linda made me some super cute matching buttons for my static pages but I unfortunately can't figure out how to code it so I can use them. Please advise, thanks!**


  1. ok first... WOW to the new header, seriously LOVE IT! Maybe it's time for me to 'upgrade' mine...

    and two... hehehe Blardigan, HA! <3 <3

  2. gahhh thought you might like that! Also, congrats on that necklace, I'm

  3. Love the new header. And I just discovered Linda's blog thanks to you. I love her style.
    The Blardigan is so great.

  4. Ooooo girlfriend I love the bloggy facelift! So fetching. ha!

    And, that corset is super hot on the combo!

  5. Blardigan plus bustier top = TOTAL CUTENESS! Love it!

  6. OMG! I love the new header!!!

  7. I'm in love with the new layout! I literally clicked your blog and went "OH WOW!" Love your outfit too!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  8. Love the new layout! FABulous!

    LOL at blardigan... I have been caling them "sawazers" but blardigan is so much funnier! hahaha. LOVE it!

    That corset is gorgeous, and I love those pants!

  9. Love the new header and template. Looks great!

  10. Thank you for posting this because I couldn't remember Linda's blog name. I came across it some time ago.
    She did an excellent job on the new header. It is adorable!!
    Despite the things it does for your posture, this corset gets two thumbs up!

  11. Have you already uploaded the images somewhere? If so, the code will be something like a href="">img src="about.jpg">/a> -- just put the full correct URL for the image where I have about.jpg, and add in the opening < bracket in front of a href, img src, and /a in the code.

    I hope this makes sense.

  12. I think is my favorite outfit of yours thus far!


  13. love the corset!!!!