Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get the Look: Lacy shorts

(Please go check out my post on Jen's blog, The Look For Less. I participated in her "3 Wishes" summer series and had so much fun doing so. Thank you, Jen!!)

I got a lot of compliments and comments on the F21 lace shorts in my OOTD earlier today-- thank you! Unforunately, they were for sale at Forever 21 probably 2-3 months ago (I had been looking for a pair of "boudoir" shorts after perusing the spring runways and there they were!) and most likely are not in stores anymore.

Soooo, I did a little searching on this world wide web and found some "inspired-by" pieces that can give you a similar look. I did not find an exact match, which stinks, but if you're wanting to recreate the boudoir short look like I was, these picks may appeal to you. Enjoy!

Lace Turn Up shorts at Topshop, $125
A close match, but *gulp*... that price!

Lace Pleat shorts at Topshop, $65
Come in black and a cute dusty blue.

Elizabeth and James Mondrian Lace shorts, $225
Double *gulp* at price. But super, duper cute!!

Pins and Needles Scalloped lace tap shorts, $25
An inspiration piece, but I like it nonetheless, and to be honest, it's a lot closer to what I was initially looking for. The price is easier to swallow, too! Come in cream as well.

Kimchi Blue silky lace tap short, $28
Another cute UO option! The hem gives the same look as the F21 shorts, which is nice since that's really what you see. Come in purple, black and nude.

Plus gals, remember: lace will continue to be in style through Fall '10, so these boudoir shorts with the addition of some textured tights will look fantastic come the cooler months!! :)


  1. Thanks!!!! These are awesome alternatives.

  2. I love the Elizabeth and james shorts!

  3. Is it bad that I want them all?! Oo

  4. I've been waffling over the Pins and Needles Scalloped Lace Tap Shorts and might have to pull the trigger on them- my fear is that they'll be more bedroom-appropriate than hanging-out-in-real-life appropriate, but even at that biggie, hm? They'd also make cute pajammies!

  5. I love those shorts and they look so comfortable and chic! ;P

    btw, I've a sandals giveaway at my blog! Check it out! :)