Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review: J Brand Lovestory jeans

Hello, bloggie world! I'm back for just a moment to post a quick review on the jeans I received in the mail yesterday. Since I don't want my new followers (HI!) to think I never post (which isn't true, right long-timers?), and since I couldn't actually find a proper review of this style anywhere online, I thought this would be a nice little extra-post. I don't have IRL photos because 1) I don't have anywhere to take them yet and 2) they really need serious hemming... but here's a product photo of the color and style, for reference:

(J Brand Lovestory jeans in Falcon wash, sold out)

First, I really like the wash on this! It has a bit of a retro-vibe, which is cool since these are pretty much bell bottoms. The fading is minimal, which I prefer for every-day use jeans. The fabric is a nice weight-- not too light but also not heavy like J Brand's Ink wash (which I had to sell because they were WAY too stiff). It's also pretty stretchy, and time will tell how that fares after a few wears.

Next, the fit: For reference, I took a size 27. Although the Lovestory is a low rise, these seem more high-rise than most of my other jeans. They are supposed to be 8 inches (standard) but feel more like 8.5. I think I'm going to have my tailor take these down just a tad. I found the waist to be just a teense big, but the size down would have been too small for sure. Because of the slightly large waist, there is a little gaping in the back, but not too bad. Again, tailor can take care of. The thigh is SUPER fitted, which I love, because it adds more drama to see the exaggerated flare. The hem is very wide and I just love them. Overall, very satisfied!

I do have to say, I'm a little shocked I took a 27. Granted, I've gained a few lbs recently (damn mid-20s! Taking away that flat stomach I used to have!), so maybe this is my new size, but what gets me is I can usually fit into a size 0. You'd think that means I should be a size 25 or 26, but there's no way in hell these would have fit in either size. This could be a word to the sizing of this style-- ladies who own these: is this the case? Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with them, and with a few little nips and tucks, I'll be wearing them in no time. Also, this was a Gilt purchase, so I'm SO SO SO glad they worked (didn't feel like dealing with the store credit thing).

Hope you're having a nice Tuesday! Please continue to bare with the sporadic posting.  :)

(Is it just me, or do boxes seem to multiply like rabits? I think I need teach them some box-abstinence.)


  1. Yay!!! glad they worked out... those sample sale sites give me anxiety because of the crap return policies...

    good luck with the rest of the move!

  2. So glad you're enjoying the jeans, girlie! I also size up in the Lovestory cut. I am typically a 26 in most denim and I always take a 27 in that pair. I have *squeezed* and shimmied my butt into a 26 and it probably looked as uncomfortable as I felt. No likey butt creases.

    So, yes, I concur about sizing up. I've also heard that the different washes fit a bit differently across the board in J Brand (regardless of the cut). That's not frustrating or anything...jk

    I have many pairs of J Brand skinnies (all size 26 and some room) yet my two Lovestorys are size 27. It's not you - it's the jeans.

  3. I know what you mean about the boxes. Try unpacking for 5 people!! I think I wasn't fully "moved in" for almost a year. It took quite some time to first off unpack everything and then several months to fully finish decorating and furnishing every room. Quite exhausting. But very satisfying when all finished. Good luck on the move and your new house : )


  4. J Brand is so funny for me--a lot of their styles seem to run small or are designed to be slim through certain areas. I love mine though and the Lovestory are a really awesome cut.

  5. Ah, I hate moving! Good luck with the rest of the move, at least you are done with the other apartment and now you are ready to start a new life in your new place. So exciting!
    In regards to the jeans, I have noticed that I also have to go up a size in J Brand jeans, at least in certain styles. J Brands just don't work for me very well. But I am glad that these jeans worked for you.

  6. il est magnifique ce jean

  7. dont worry i had to go up a size in these as well!!! great classic pair though! they will last you years! xo