Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OOTN: "I change shapes..."

Last night, I saw Miike Snow in concert. For those of you who've never heard them, it's actually the band's name, not a guy who can't spell his name correctly (which is what I initially thought!). They have a unique techno/dance/pop/rock sound that I love. Lemme tell you-- amazing performance! I highly recommend seeing them in person, as they put on a great show.

Here's what I wore, which isn't that "new" or innovative for me... but hey, sometimes I like the looks I've created so much that I only tweak them a little. This was sort of one of those times.

(I realize my arms are up in each of these pics. What gives, me?!)
Tank: Old Navy ribbed tank
Skirt: F21 striped skirt
Belt: ??
Necklace: Baker's multi-chain necklace
Shoes: Go Jane cheapie booties

I thought it was an appropriate look for a concert, since it's a little edgy but still keeps my personality. Plus, these are comfortable shoes. Seriously. Who would have thought these $20ish shoes would be more comfortable than some of my $300-plus shoes? Crazy.

Also, I have fun news: I'm going to DC at the end of July to meet some fellow bloggers and some other gals I've come to know over time with this blog! I'll have more deets soon, so stay tuned for that. Thank you to all you fabulous readers/bloggers who have become my friends over the past year. This blog has opened doors for me I never imagined would be opened, and most of those doors aren't even related to fashion! It means the world to me that some of you have reached out and told me your story and have become my friends. Ya'll are the best, ya hear? :)

Also also (I know, I'm a little of everywhere today)-- even though I recently re-did my blog header, I should be unveiling a new blog look and header soon. I like what I made, but it's just not right. I've enlisted the assistance of a wonderful fellow-blogger, but more on that when the time comes nearer. Be excited!  :)


  1. perfect concert look and I was totally going to comment about your arms haha...

    Can't wait to see the new header and that's awesome you're going to a blogger meet up!

  2. So fun that you went to a concert. Love the outfit, totally edgy but still you!
    I cannot wait to see the new header!!! And I cannot wait for the DC blogger meet up!

  3. Total rocker chic - very cute! Love the layered necklaces.

  4. Those shoes are perfect for a concert! You looked slammin' :)

  5. I love the rocker girl boots!!! Cute Justine!

  6. Great outfit!<3


  7. Great outfit! Love the skirt ; )

  8. Cute! I am seeing Miike Snow at ACL in October- sooo glad you said he's great in concert because I would be so disappointed if he weren't.

  9. This looks great for a concert. I agree that the shoes add a good edge to the outfit.
    I have a pair of shoes from Target that cost me $12. They are easily the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever had. I had to buy a back-up pair just because I loved them so much.
    Your headed to my neck of the woods! I'm really new to this blogging thing, so I hope to have the same opportunities to make lots of new friends out there in the blogosphere.
    Hope you have lots of fun in DC!

  10. haha! okay, I LOVE that skirt. Everytime you wear it, I want to run out and find one just like it! They had a black and white striped bandage skirt at Express a few months ago, but I could never find my size :(

  11. If you're in DC, you should meet us for lunch one day! Everyone is welcome to hang out and say hi!! :)

  12. I think some of the F21s still have them, but not sure. Hope you find one, it's very comfortable. :)

  13. You look great! I'd totally wear something like this.

  14. i cant wit to go shopping with you this summer thats all i have to say

  15. bernnn again....June 8, 2010 at 7:44 PM

    ohhh they play miike snow at my work!!! good taste :)

  16. i am loving that outfit and the necklaces you paired with it! :)

  17. I love Miike Snow! I get to play DJ at work and was jamming out to them today. I love that you can go from flirty and femme to edgy with your wardrobe.

  18. really? Well, I guess I know where I'll be this weekend! Thanks for the tip!