Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wishlisted: It's a short story (etc.)

I can't seem to get enough shorts. Silky, cotton, ruffly, you name it. So I figured I'd throw a few of my faves in a post. And a few extra things at the bottom for good measure. :)

Lulu's Kiss Chase Shorts, $37 (don't forget the 30% off coupon!!)

Urban Outfitter's Cooperative Pleated Rayon Short, $38

UO's Kimchi Blue tap short, $48

IRO Mya shorts, $138.60 (which I snagged this morning on sale and had a leeettle difficulty with, courtesey Shopbop's annoying inventory glitches. Ugh.)

Plastic Island Bardot Shorts, only $46 on sale!

Sachin + Babi Poppy Shorts, $150.50  (a little wacky, yes, but fun nonetheless! And a great alternative to a skirt for a dressy dinner date!)

And some other exciting things, just because my wishlists are getting outofcontrol....

Nordstrom Charlie Jade 'Greneda' romper, $115 (it's like an abstract butterfly print! Love!!!)

Anthropologie's Rochelle Blouse, $88

Anthropologie's Pizzoccheri Jacket, $88 (NEED. THIS.)

Free People Lacey Top, $68

Shop Ruche's After the Rain top, $35.99

Whew! That's a lot of wishing... :)


  1. fashion hterapistJune 9, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    I love the scalloped detail on those shorts!

  2. Oh the shorts, the SHORTS! I'm dying over here. My personal wishlist is OOC.

  3. gaahhh! I know. It's horrible. But I seriously need the two anthro things, haha...

  4. Wow - I LOVE that Rochelle blouse from Anthro!!!!! Need to go check that out!

  5. Isn't it gorgeous? There's you and I doing the silk blouse thing again... hah :)

  6. LOVE the nordstrom romper- I'm so glad you posted it. I might have to snag it myself- its so pretty! and I love that anthro jacket too, I really hope they have it in store next time I got to try it on.

  7. GREAT wishlist, I especially love that first pair of shorts from Lulu's! I'm wearing a dress from that store today, it was the first time I ordered from them.

  8. Good, glad I could lead you to a romper. :) It's very you-- all the bright colors. I wish it were in my budget, which I've already mostly blown this month-- maybe if it stays around until July I can do it. :)

  9. I LOVE that Anthro jacket. Like, seriously. And that romper ... I want. I might have to order it. I have yet to find a summer romper, and that annoys me. :( Great list!

  10. I have the pleated rayon shorts form UO and love them! They fit tts:)

  11. I think you should have started the post with sometime like "Hi, I am Justine and I am addicted to shorts..." LOL. But seriously, you totally rock the shorts. I love the ones you got from Urban Outfitters, the ones with the ruffles. Cute!

  12. that romper from nordies is <3 love