Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thanks! and some obsessions.

Firstly, thank you for the blog-sale interest yesterday! I really underestimate the power of the Anthropologie bloggie collective, because within about .2 nanoseconds of posting, the Moulinette Soeurs dress sold! There are still a few items for sale which I'll be taking to the consignment store soon, so pounce on 'em if you are interested!

There is sorta a reason I did this impromptu sale. 1) I'm moving soon (duh) and really, really don't need to be taking items I know I don't wear enough to justify a spot in my closet. 2) I want something. I really want something. Here it is.

(Tucker's "Washed out Watercolor" blouse, from their resort '09 collection. Doesn't she look so freekin' happy? As in, if I own and wear this top I'll be as happy as her and I'll just be carefree and I'll have pretty, healthy naturally auburn hair and porcelain skin and OHMIGOD I'll just stop now.)

(Ohh! And if you're not yet privy to this knowledge, Tucker is collaborating with Target for a future Go Line, due out September 10th! Get excited.)

No, but seriously. I spotted this on sale at Barneys the other day and had to have it, despite the fact that it's over my budget for the month. Solution? Sell stuff to make room! and money! (more importantly the money part, natch.) So it's quite the win-win situation.

Also, just received these pretty little silky shorts in the mail from the ever-amazing Shopbop. I'll be sure to do an outfit with them soon, but for now the product shot must suffice. And yes yes yes, I know. Shorts-obsessed, whatevs. :)
 IRO silk Mya shorts (sold out)
I heart these things, even though I was secretly hoping to not like them because they weren't a necessity per se, but they're just so stinkin' cute and the perfect "I'm not casual but I'm not dressy, either" short. (I think I analyze my shorts a wee bit too much, huh?)

Anywhooo, go check out the remainder of my sale. And happy hump day!


  1. LOVE the Tucker blouse! I am excited about their collab with Target, too.

  2. Tucker line at Target!? Why am I just finding out about this?! EXCITED :)

    xo Lynzy

  3. I am so counting the days to the Tucker line for Target release. I cannot wait. I honestly cannot wait!
    That Tucker top is perfect!