Friday, October 30, 2009


(p.s. TOTALLY had to look up the spelling of that word. Sheesh.)

I don't know about you, but I hate dressing up for Halloween. Is there a Halloween Scrooge-equivalent? Yeah 'cuz I'm that. I love the holiday, don't get me wrong (gratuitous amounts of candy? check.). But I just don't like the idea of having to find a costume, look like an idiot and feel uncomfortable all night long. Therefore, I opted for this. Maybe I'm going as a flower? A ranuncula flower? Heh.

Honestly, it's not tonight I have to worry about. It's tomorrow. The actual date. I've already gotten some threatening questions from friends... what are you dressing up as? Hmm?? They know. OH. THEY KNOW. I need a pathetic attempt at a costume, just so no one will call me Hallo-scrooge. Hmmm... Ranunculas doesn't work. But it's definitely a beautiful necklace, no? :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anthropologie Escarpment cardi by Bailey 44

Ohhh so pretty. Don't you just love the details on this sweater? I am so incredibly addicted to Anthropologie this season-- it's been one hit after another. Again: quality, poor, sorry. (I promise my forehead isn't that shiny, either.) An interesting note about this little baby-- the website shows that it totally closes. It most definintely does not. I actually wish it did, so I'm thinking about having a tailor (I DON'T SEW) put in some hook and eye closures to give me the option of closing it. But I may just get lazy and not. We'll see. The cardi is a very thin jersey, so it's not a warm cardi, but it's definitely got visual interest. I plan on making this more winter-friendly with the addition of a cream turtleneck underneath and some skinny, dark cords.
Now just to find said-cords. I reeeeealllly need to stop shopping.
Yeah, right. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OOTD and review

I think I'm making up for my lack of October posting in the last few days of the month. Oh well!

Here is my OOTD, which feature's Anthropologie's Short and Sweet Jacket in green (by Tabitha):
I posted a picture of it both open and closed, and by the look on my face, you may be able to tell which one I prefer. I love this jacket, but (for me), it does NOT work closed. Not only does it scrunch on my boobies, the ruffles don't fall correctly for it to look pretty. In addition, I bought a size up on this one. My usual 0 was way too small in the arm/shoulder area, and despite my small chest, was almost impossible to clasp shut. This is a 2. And honestly, if I had to, I could have even bought a 4 and been ok. The reviews online seem to say the same. So if you're buying sight-unseen online, size up.

...but EEEEKKK it's so cute! Loves! :)

p.s. Sorry about my crummy pictures. They either seem too dim, too blurry, or just not good quality. This one is an iPhone (duh), so it's not going to be the best. But I bought my digital camera not too long ago hoping it would be a big winner, just to find out it's a disappointment (and I'm $350 lighter. Ugh). Totally jealous of you super-nice-fancy-camera people with professional looking shots!

This is why you can't trust F21

Dude. Seriously. I was alllll excited this morning, waiting to see the Twist line.... and my favorite pieces aren't even being offered. Jerks.

Where's this beautiful necklace?
Or this super-cute skirt?!
...or this skirt and this necklace?!!?!
Wish I could say my rant makes me feel better. But I'm just left sad. So sad. :-P Maybe they'll pop up later, but I'm not holding my breath.

Despite my anger, I will never leave F21 for good. Oh no no no... my hopes and prayers for a tulle skirt will just lead me right here. Back into the arms of my beloved... Now just to decide.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eeek! Closet-diving success!

Ever since I read about the Fall trend of layering cardis, I knew I wanted to try it. This month's Lucky mag totally inspired me. Here are the rules (*snorts* heh... rules...): 1. Pair a longer length sleeve under a 3/4 sleeve. 2. Play with different colors, textures and patterns for spice. 3. Allow the bottom layer to be the foundation and play up the top layer with embellishments. Et voila! Magnifique! I scoured the internet today trying to find the perfect pairing but decided to dumpster closet dive instead. I'm totally excited about what I came up with. What do you think??

Jeans: AE Super Skinny jeans
Tee shirt: Old Navy
White cardi: Express
Black cardi: White House Black Market

...With lots of baubles! (necklaces: Express and ?)

The best part about this outfit, for me, is that these two cardis alone were inching towards my Salvation Army pile. I never wore either, because alone, they just didn't work with my style. But now I have a totally updated look with two previously-unworn items! Pretty proud... yep.

Turning Prep?

Lovies, I did something totally abnormal for me.

I shopped at J. Crew, and it's all your faults!! (yeah that's right, you heard me!)

To be honest, I'm not really assigning blame here. I'm happy. Just to recap, though, here's a general outline of my love/hate life with J.Crew:

Age 16: too scrawny and lanky to fit into the brand that everyone else BUT ME wore. Great.
Ages17-20ish: Though still lanky, slightly too expensive for my wallet. (Minus the swimsuits, which I wore with gusto-- this was the epitome of couture in Peoria Illinois, you must know.)
(Also, cheated on J.Crew with the Gap when they had those amaaaaazing (read sarcasm) embellished jeans. The flowers and rhinestones just cascading down the leg... what was I thinking?!)
Age 20ish to present: not enough color, not enough sparkle, a little too pricey. Still. And preppy. I'm not preppy! I'm a trend-whooor. A color-lovah. A bohemian goddess! (ahem... just believe me, ok?!)
Presently: surprised that the prices don't look so bad anymore... is it me? Is it them? Who knows. Also, I notice more texture and eye-catching details than before. Hmm.... I'm not turning prep, right? RIGHT??!!

Here's what I scored:
Colorblock cardi
Florence Tee
Velvet Flower Pin

Right now, I'm wearing all three together. Which is cute, but needs some color. The textures work great, though. I'd show you a pic, I would... but I forgot my iPhone cord. Stupid. That's what a total of 8 hours sleep in 48 hours gets ya! Anyway, I'm psyched about the purchases... I think a lot can be done with them. I have a crazy and fun idea for the cardi... what do you think??

Just an idea... but I think the poofy, tulle skirt would be so fun and interesting paired with this boyfriend-esque sweater. I've got my eyes on F21 tomorrow... (new Twist line debuts! Tulle abounds!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kisses (and MRS) to Lovies


Drumroll, please....

Mrs. Wifey!!

I no longer have a fiance. I have a HUBS. So weird.

I have so much to talk about, and I missed my blogging so much. Actually, it's a little sick. I thought about blogging at my wedding reception. And on my honeymoon. I thought about all the new outfits I have to post (oh I love birfdays) and the newest (i.e. TODAY) additions to my wardrobe. At any rate, I love you all and missed you tons. But now I'm back, so let the old-married-woman-fashion-blogging begin!

(Promise #1 as a married woman: no house dresses allowed. Or nightgowns. Or other kinda gross old-woman clothing. EVER. And sorry to you nightgown-wearers out there, no offense.)

Also stay tuned to a few fun wedding/reception pics. Here is one of my faves from the night before the wedding (note what the glass says... ok so it's hard to see. It says BRIDE. I'm going to miss that as an excuse...)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Because I love you all.

Chloe, never say I didn't do anything for ya. :)

Forever 21 "winter white" jacket

.... I'm a married woman!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lucky Little Girl

Lovies, my life is good.


1. I'm getting married tomorrow.
2. My family is hilarious and fun.
3. My mother broke down and bought me birthday presents yesterday (eeeepp!!)

Here's what I got!

Drumroll please........ dddddrrrrrrrr........ The F21 Winter White jacket!! Yay!
As a note, if anyone else is interested, this jacket is (thankfully) more ivory than white in person, which makes it a bit more winter appropriate. In addition, I actually bought a Medium. Although a small would have fit, there was no small in the store, so the Medium was it. And it's pretty nice, so I think this jacket might run slightly small.

I also got this cute dress for going out/parties:

Forever 21 Sateen Lace Party Dress
Very cute on. Short, but cute. With some patterned tights, this will be a cute little number.

I also got some adorable stuff from Anthropologie. I am in love with almost everything this season, but there are a few things I just knew I had to have. Thank God there are loving mothers out there. And birthdays. :) Here's the loot:

Short and Sweet Jacket by Tabitha

Escapement Cardigan by Bailey 22

Two-Birds Romper by Sine
The first two items were full-price, and with my %15 off for birthday, it felt a little less extravagant. I can't wait to rock 'em. The last item is the perfect romper for summer-to-winter. This baby is gorgeous in person and will be amazing with some tights and a chunky sweater. In the summer, all that's needed is a statement necklace, pumps, and voila! Perfecto. (sister loved it so much, she bought the same one!)

Now, I'm off to continue my wedding festivities. I probably won't be blogging for the next week, so I will resume my regularly scheduled blogging in about 1 week! Wish me luck! No twisted ankles down the aisle! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I wish I were wearing this for my rehearsal dinner (courtesy Modcloth). Alas... $21 for overnight and $99 for the dress is a little too much with Hawaii coming up in a few days. I'm in love. :(

Let the wedding madness BEGIN!

Hey lovies!

So I have been so excited for family to start piling in. Tonight, my FSIL comes into town. Tomorrow, my parents come, plus a slew of fiance's family. Tomorrow's plans include airport, lunch, shopping (b-day presents for moi!), and a great dinner with all the 'rents. Here's my Polyvore of what I plan to wear:

The boots aren't exact, but mine are from Steve Madden a year ago (last year's b-day present from fiance) and I can't find them. They're very similar, though! Also, the dress, as I stated before, is more of a forest green/charcoal. (p.s., I think I'm slightly color blind. The jacket I recently got from AE is apparently "purple," not navy, so says fiance. Whatever.) Anthroholic mentioned that the Rannuncula necklace went on sale yesterday. I am insanely excited about that, as I've had my eye on it forever and it's been on my Anthro wishlist for about 3 months. I'm rushing to my store this evening to pick her up. Hope the outfit works together IRL. I will post pictures tomorrow.

And a question to go out to all my lovies (mostly for inspiration): What is YOUR number one on your wishlist?? (from any store...?)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Winter-White want

This jacket could be terribly disastrous....

or terrifically amazing!

Forever 21 Articulate jacket
I just love this, but I'm a little worried about a white jacket. 1) is it seasonal? Can I really do this for the Fall? I know I don't like rules, but this is a lot of white. 2) will I get red wine/barbecue/anything I might eat all over it? These worries aside, the details of this jacket are too adorable for words. If this were in charcoal grey, there would be no questions. Hands down, MINE. But... I might wait for better judgment to set in. Thoughts?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


It's been hard keeping up with posting this week, so my apologies. As a general warning, my posts will be sporadic for the rest of the month. What with that little thing called a WEDDING coming up. In a week. ONE.


Anyway. I got this little beauty today from Free People:

I remember spotting this loverley maybe a month ago and almost bought it on the spot. In my store, it came in the pink and a forest green (not offered online). And I fell in love with the green color. Fortuitously today, I found it for about 1/2 off! And the price wasn't even bad to begin with-- $88. I got it for a cool $39.99. Not a bad deal. The material is a super-soft jersey, reminiscent of a Rachel Pally frock. (ohhohhh and it's got pockets! and flounce! and prettiness!) And though it may look boring here, I promise the styling options are endless. This little baby will make it on the plane to Hawaii with me but will also have a rotating spot in my Fall lineup. With some vintage brown leather boots, a multi-chain layered necklace, an ivory chunky-knit and slouchy purse. Sigh. Yippee!

Also on my purchase list today: 4 pairs of much needed undies (holes? yeah I know, embarassing), a pretty bra (honeymoon HELLOOOO), a cute little blue cord blazer from AE (which I might trade for that cute black blazer I've seen everywhere with the little flower on it) and skinny jeans, also AE. Not usually an AE fan, honestly, and my store carries poor selections, but I needed some affordable skinnies that were low rise and stretchy. Check, check and check.

Enjoy your Saturday night, lovies, and I will make a huge attempt to post, at least through Wednesday. (Thursday= beginings of family madness. Gulp.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For all my J.Crew lovahs out there...

I just had to post this. Look familiar, anyone? Hmmm??

No, no. Not J.Crew, but Charlotte Russe! Will that store ever stop ruthelessly copying designs??

Man, I hope not. :)

W-Day= 10.

For those of you who don't speak cryptic, the title means 10 DAYS UNTIL MY WEDDDDDING! I'm getting crazy-excited and am actually quite proud of my organization skillz.

Last night, fiance broke down and said we could maybe go to the mall this weekend to shop for honeymoon clothes. Even though I promised up and down I wouldn't, it doesn't count as a promise-breaker when he's there and says yes. :) Things are lookin' up for me, lovies!

To be honest, it's actually a strange sensation to be excited about getting new stuff but realizing you have to buy somewhat summery things. I'm in full-on Fall mode, and the thought of a new pair of shorts or cute tank is kind of... well.. gross. So. Here is my task. Find items that are transitionable so that I can actually wear them again in the next 8 months.

IDEA #1: thin, gauzy fabrics (that can be layered with thick, yummy sweaters).

Why, hello there, zebra-print-love. Howdy'do?

IDEA # 2: Very, very thin sweaters (which are actually useful in Dallas...)

You know... for the cold nights in HI? Yeah I dunno.

IDEA # 3: Multi-use skirts.

With a turtleneck and tights or a cute little tank... love!

IDEA #4: Ensemble dresses.

Part floral and festive, part Fall-a-licious, ALL pretty.

Any other suggestions? I think as long as I stay away from the suede boots/wool sweaters/warm dress section, I'll be ok. Yikes. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sneak peek

The Boutonnière dress in action....

Coral and Turquoise-- like bread and butter.

As I was watching Dancing with the Stars last night, I was taken by the number of multi-strand, layered necklace beauties I saw. The host, a judge, even a few in the audience worked the fun trend. So, this morning I was inspired to wear my version. Here is my AOTD (accessory of the day)!

You always find the prettiest things when you aren't looking... I had gone in to Aldo Accessories one day, just browsing, and saw this in a black and white version. I remembered that this came in a multicolor (with yellows, blues, pinks, oranges...) and asked if they had that one in. No, the sales girl said. But, they did have this one on hold: a coral/turquoise mix. Lo and Behold... even prettier than the multicolor one! (I am a sucker for coral/turquoise. I don't know what it is, but those two colors are just perfect together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or ham and cheese. Anyway.) In order to sell it, they decided to just forget about the girl who had put it on hold and sold it to me. So, to sum:

1) I'm kinda glad I was on that side of the bargain.
2) Girl who wanted this necklace, if you're out there, I'm sorry. It was the sales girl's fault.
3) Not sure I condone Aldo's "hold" policy. If you're giong to hold it, then hold it. Right?

I shouldn't be complaining, but I still feel bad. And this was months ago. Guilt runs deep. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

OOTD... fashion is my oasis.

Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend. I tell ya... (and no, it's no excuse)... I've got a lot on my plate!

But back to my oasis.... FASHION!

Here's my OOTD... it's the Anna Sui dress! It's finally COLD (i.e. 70) here in Dallas.

As you can tell, I'm pairing it with the F21 Peplum sweater jacket today, some long ponte leggings, and (you can't see, but they're) Nordstrom BP patent leather pointy-toes. I'm a little strange-- I don't like belting often. Sure, it's most flattering, and I totally love the look it gives, but belts are so constricting. I'm between a rock and a hard place when it comes to styling. Although I know what looks best, I sometimes try other things in the name of the Almighty Comfort. Oh well. I think this styling looks good, but you notice I forgo (forwent?) the belt today. Monday morning is not a time for being a slave to fashion.

I should be posting an engagement pic soon. Just waiting for one to come my way. :) I also plan on getting my blog-lovies opinions on which dress I should wear to my rehearsal dinner coming up in less than 2 weeks (OMG).

And a favor, s'il vous plait-- for anyone who has had trouble commenting on my blog, will you please shoot me an email letting me know? I'm thinking about changing widgets because I've had some trouble with people commenting and seeing comments. Feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks lovies... and have a nice Monday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trendsetter Thursdays

Gahhh... I know. I'm taking the easy way out on this one, lovies. Here is your link-du-jour (my Trendsetter Thursday blog post on

Hope you enjoy!!