Friday, October 16, 2009

Lucky Little Girl

Lovies, my life is good.


1. I'm getting married tomorrow.
2. My family is hilarious and fun.
3. My mother broke down and bought me birthday presents yesterday (eeeepp!!)

Here's what I got!

Drumroll please........ dddddrrrrrrrr........ The F21 Winter White jacket!! Yay!
As a note, if anyone else is interested, this jacket is (thankfully) more ivory than white in person, which makes it a bit more winter appropriate. In addition, I actually bought a Medium. Although a small would have fit, there was no small in the store, so the Medium was it. And it's pretty nice, so I think this jacket might run slightly small.

I also got this cute dress for going out/parties:

Forever 21 Sateen Lace Party Dress
Very cute on. Short, but cute. With some patterned tights, this will be a cute little number.

I also got some adorable stuff from Anthropologie. I am in love with almost everything this season, but there are a few things I just knew I had to have. Thank God there are loving mothers out there. And birthdays. :) Here's the loot:

Short and Sweet Jacket by Tabitha

Escapement Cardigan by Bailey 22

Two-Birds Romper by Sine
The first two items were full-price, and with my %15 off for birthday, it felt a little less extravagant. I can't wait to rock 'em. The last item is the perfect romper for summer-to-winter. This baby is gorgeous in person and will be amazing with some tights and a chunky sweater. In the summer, all that's needed is a statement necklace, pumps, and voila! Perfecto. (sister loved it so much, she bought the same one!)

Now, I'm off to continue my wedding festivities. I probably won't be blogging for the next week, so I will resume my regularly scheduled blogging in about 1 week! Wish me luck! No twisted ankles down the aisle! :)


  1. Good luck tomorrow Justine and CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love the Anthro pics and need to see an in real life pic of that Escapement Cardigan! Love it. I'm glad you got the F21 jacket!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure all the stress and hours put into planning will be well worth it! :) cant wait to see pictures :) (i feel like i know you after reading your blog so much lol)

  3. Okay, so, I know you're going to "BE BUSY" with "GETTING MARRIED" and maybe even "GOING ON A HONEYMOON" but I really need to see that first F21 (winter white!) jacket on you RIGHT NOW.

    Your husband wouldn't mind if you took a break in the day tomorrow to post an outfit of the day with it, right? Over your wedding dress? ;)

    Congrats and good luck with everything tomorrow, pretty lady!

  4. Thanks EVERYONE! So sweet! I love that I have support all around the US, it makes me feel so special and loved. :) See you all soon!