Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coral and Turquoise-- like bread and butter.

As I was watching Dancing with the Stars last night, I was taken by the number of multi-strand, layered necklace beauties I saw. The host, a judge, even a few in the audience worked the fun trend. So, this morning I was inspired to wear my version. Here is my AOTD (accessory of the day)!

You always find the prettiest things when you aren't looking... I had gone in to Aldo Accessories one day, just browsing, and saw this in a black and white version. I remembered that this came in a multicolor (with yellows, blues, pinks, oranges...) and asked if they had that one in. No, the sales girl said. But, they did have this one on hold: a coral/turquoise mix. Lo and Behold... even prettier than the multicolor one! (I am a sucker for coral/turquoise. I don't know what it is, but those two colors are just perfect together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or ham and cheese. Anyway.) In order to sell it, they decided to just forget about the girl who had put it on hold and sold it to me. So, to sum:

1) I'm kinda glad I was on that side of the bargain.
2) Girl who wanted this necklace, if you're out there, I'm sorry. It was the sales girl's fault.
3) Not sure I condone Aldo's "hold" policy. If you're giong to hold it, then hold it. Right?

I shouldn't be complaining, but I still feel bad. And this was months ago. Guilt runs deep. :)


  1. Ooh, bad hold policy...but pretty necklace! You definitely scored well. ;)

  2. When it is meant to be it will be!
    Nice find!

  3. Right? Thanks, I count my blessings. Hehe...

  4. haha, that's how I should look at it. I just feel bad for Ms. I-Put-That-On-Hold-You-Dirty-Necklace-Snatcher.

  5. Gorgeous necklace - don't feel bad you did nothing wrong, I would have bought it too!

  6. LOL, that's pretty. I put things on hold before and didn't come back, so...no worry!