Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let the wedding madness BEGIN!

Hey lovies!

So I have been so excited for family to start piling in. Tonight, my FSIL comes into town. Tomorrow, my parents come, plus a slew of fiance's family. Tomorrow's plans include airport, lunch, shopping (b-day presents for moi!), and a great dinner with all the 'rents. Here's my Polyvore of what I plan to wear:

The boots aren't exact, but mine are from Steve Madden a year ago (last year's b-day present from fiance) and I can't find them. They're very similar, though! Also, the dress, as I stated before, is more of a forest green/charcoal. (p.s., I think I'm slightly color blind. The jacket I recently got from AE is apparently "purple," not navy, so says fiance. Whatever.) Anthroholic mentioned that the Rannuncula necklace went on sale yesterday. I am insanely excited about that, as I've had my eye on it forever and it's been on my Anthro wishlist for about 3 months. I'm rushing to my store this evening to pick her up. Hope the outfit works together IRL. I will post pictures tomorrow.

And a question to go out to all my lovies (mostly for inspiration): What is YOUR number one on your wishlist?? (from any store...?)


  1. Love this outfit!! I hope you have a great time with family and getting ready for wedding weekend!

  2. Oh, how exciting! I love that necklace too- maybe I need to also go pick one up. *makes grabby hands*