Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OOTD and review

I think I'm making up for my lack of October posting in the last few days of the month. Oh well!

Here is my OOTD, which feature's Anthropologie's Short and Sweet Jacket in green (by Tabitha):
I posted a picture of it both open and closed, and by the look on my face, you may be able to tell which one I prefer. I love this jacket, but (for me), it does NOT work closed. Not only does it scrunch on my boobies, the ruffles don't fall correctly for it to look pretty. In addition, I bought a size up on this one. My usual 0 was way too small in the arm/shoulder area, and despite my small chest, was almost impossible to clasp shut. This is a 2. And honestly, if I had to, I could have even bought a 4 and been ok. The reviews online seem to say the same. So if you're buying sight-unseen online, size up.

...but EEEEKKK it's so cute! Loves! :)

p.s. Sorry about my crummy pictures. They either seem too dim, too blurry, or just not good quality. This one is an iPhone (duh), so it's not going to be the best. But I bought my digital camera not too long ago hoping it would be a big winner, just to find out it's a disappointment (and I'm $350 lighter. Ugh). Totally jealous of you super-nice-fancy-camera people with professional looking shots!

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