Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anthropologie Escarpment cardi by Bailey 44

Ohhh so pretty. Don't you just love the details on this sweater? I am so incredibly addicted to Anthropologie this season-- it's been one hit after another. Again: quality, poor, sorry. (I promise my forehead isn't that shiny, either.) An interesting note about this little baby-- the website shows that it totally closes. It most definintely does not. I actually wish it did, so I'm thinking about having a tailor (I DON'T SEW) put in some hook and eye closures to give me the option of closing it. But I may just get lazy and not. We'll see. The cardi is a very thin jersey, so it's not a warm cardi, but it's definitely got visual interest. I plan on making this more winter-friendly with the addition of a cream turtleneck underneath and some skinny, dark cords.
Now just to find said-cords. I reeeeealllly need to stop shopping.
Yeah, right. :)

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  1. Love it Justine - it's so pretty!