Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turning Prep?

Lovies, I did something totally abnormal for me.

I shopped at J. Crew, and it's all your faults!! (yeah that's right, you heard me!)

To be honest, I'm not really assigning blame here. I'm happy. Just to recap, though, here's a general outline of my love/hate life with J.Crew:

Age 16: too scrawny and lanky to fit into the brand that everyone else BUT ME wore. Great.
Ages17-20ish: Though still lanky, slightly too expensive for my wallet. (Minus the swimsuits, which I wore with gusto-- this was the epitome of couture in Peoria Illinois, you must know.)
(Also, cheated on J.Crew with the Gap when they had those amaaaaazing (read sarcasm) embellished jeans. The flowers and rhinestones just cascading down the leg... what was I thinking?!)
Age 20ish to present: not enough color, not enough sparkle, a little too pricey. Still. And preppy. I'm not preppy! I'm a trend-whooor. A color-lovah. A bohemian goddess! (ahem... just believe me, ok?!)
Presently: surprised that the prices don't look so bad anymore... is it me? Is it them? Who knows. Also, I notice more texture and eye-catching details than before. Hmm.... I'm not turning prep, right? RIGHT??!!

Here's what I scored:
Colorblock cardi
Florence Tee
Velvet Flower Pin

Right now, I'm wearing all three together. Which is cute, but needs some color. The textures work great, though. I'd show you a pic, I would... but I forgot my iPhone cord. Stupid. That's what a total of 8 hours sleep in 48 hours gets ya! Anyway, I'm psyched about the purchases... I think a lot can be done with them. I have a crazy and fun idea for the cardi... what do you think??

Just an idea... but I think the poofy, tulle skirt would be so fun and interesting paired with this boyfriend-esque sweater. I've got my eyes on F21 tomorrow... (new Twist line debuts! Tulle abounds!)


  1. Oh yeah! The new Twist line DOES come out tomorrow, huh. I can't wait to see some of the skirts. *rubs hands together*

  2. ohh you know it. The skirts are the only reason I'm excited; otherwise, the rest looked *ok.*